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“He had the intention to give back the Kingdom to its rightful owners, to the Ahl al-Bayt of the Prophet ﷺ  ”-Mawlana GrandShaykh Nazim

“Our only responsibility as members of society, is to be seeking to pledge our allegiance to a righteous sovereign”-Mawlana Shaykh Nazim,  Mercy Oceans: Divine Sources. p.31) Selected messages and quotes … Continue reading

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The Muhammadan Reality: Nine Aspects of Muhammad

The Unmanifested Muhammad:  The name Allah gives to the Nur.  The Unmanifested is the beginningless beginning, the time of profound silence, when nothing had been manifested and Allah existed as … Continue reading

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Harun Yahya: “Green man on horse in Cairo, Egypt during Mubarak’s fall, was Hadrat Khidr (pbuh).”

It is reported by Imam Muslim that during the time when the false Messiah (ad-Dajjal) appears, and as he approaches at the outskirts of the city of Medina, a believer … Continue reading

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World’s Most Influential Muslim, Turkish Islamic Scholar Harun Yahya: “Shaykh Nazim is the Qutb of the century”

Harun Yahya: “In fact, he (Shaykh Nazim) is the Qutb of the century, he is the Qutb” (1:08) Harun Yahya: “Shaikh Nazim al-Qubrusi is also my guide…if you see him, you would … Continue reading

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