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The Importance of Kingship in Islam By Mawlana Shaykh Nazim-April 11th, 2013

“The Ikhwan al-Safa had no interest in the theory of State or in the forms of government. Nor could they be influenced, in this respect, by Greek writers….(They) believed that the State rests … Continue reading

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Political View of the Original Freemasons of Basra: Ikhwan al‑Safa wa Khullan al‑Wafa wa Ahl al‑Hamd wa Abna’ al‑Majd or “Brethren of Purity”

The ‘Ikhwan al‑Safa wa Khullan al‑Wafa wa Ahl al‑Hamd wa Abna’ al‑Majd‘ (the Brethern of Purity, Faithful Friends, the Men of Justice and Sons of Praiseworthy Conduct) were an ancient Sufic Arabic … Continue reading

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The Asaf Jahi Dynasty of Hyderabad: A Rare Model of Indo-Arab Intellectual, Spiritual and Cultural Sophistication

Hyderabad’s monarchy, the House of Asaf Jah, was a rare model of intellectual, spiritual, and cultural sophistication. As Indian monarchs, the Asaf Jahi’s were unique in representing a perfected fusion … Continue reading

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BBC: How God Made the English – 1 – A Chosen People? Exploring “the Myth of the Secular Democracy”

“Why we win, in spite of our incredible blunders, is that we are the lost ten tribes of Israel.” [Jarrold, W.T.F. Our Great Heritage With Its Responsibilities, 1927, p. 187]

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Mawlana Shaykh Nazim’s Message to the Royal Delegation from the King of Jordan His Majesty al-Malik ‘Abdullah II Ibn al-Ḥussein -April 27th, 2012

Yesterday just before Juma’a prayer, Mawlana received a visit from members of the Jordanian Hashemite Royal family. Despite his health condition, Mawlana said that he had to deliver an important … Continue reading

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