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Political Zionism Another Form of Ideological Extremism?

The Political Zionist doctrine of the Netanyahu government that claims the whole of former Palestine as being a ‘gift from God’ is essentially ideological fundamentalism i.e. a ritualistic reading of … Continue reading

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Re: Koran should be read at Prince Charles’ coronation: An Open Letter to Rt Rev. the Lord Harries of Pentegarth DD by Sayyid Amiruddin

The Rt Rev. the Lord Harries of Pentregarth DD House of Lords, London, England, United Kingdom SW1A 0PW Re: Koran should be read at Prince Charles’ coronation February 3rd, 2015 … Continue reading

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Praise of the late Khadim ul-Haramayn Sharifayn King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz of the House of Saud by GrandShaykh Mehmet Effendi Jan 26th, 2015

“…He will not be remembered as an oppressor, or someone who caused troubles, or someone who led people to the wrong path. This person spread his hands before our Prophet’s … Continue reading

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Power. Morning Sohbet by Sayyid Amiruddin December 30th, 2014

As salamu alaikum! Eh Yaran i-Mardan. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.  Ahl al-Sunnah is not an idea. Because true Ahl al-Sunnah are royalists, are monarchists, they accept and have connection to the … Continue reading

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Re: Who was the Mujaddid of last century, Ahmed Rida Khan or Mehr Ali Shah Dec 10th, 2014- By Sayyid Amiruddin

There is a debate among Muslims of the Sub continent regarding who the Mujaddid of last century was. While it is a good thing to try to identify the Mujaddid … Continue reading

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Re: Assad and ISIL: Washington Post Dec 8th, 2014 -By Sayyid Amiruddin

“…Who can promise the Syrians martyrdom and entrance to the Heaven defined in the Quran, the Queen of which is Sayyida Fatima al-Zahra, and Princes of which are al-Hasan and … Continue reading

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Re: Who has the right to manage Jerusalem? By Sayyid Amiruddin December 7th, 2014

…When Muslim kings managed Jerusalem,  Jews, Christians Muslims lived in peace.  Christians killed Muslims and Jews in the Holy Land and burned down the Aqsa Mosque during the Crusades so … Continue reading

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Koran should be read at Prince Charles’ coronation says top bishop: Critics attack proposal and accuse Church of England of ‘losing confidence’ in its own traditions

By Steve Doughty for the Daily Mail 18/ 28 /Nov 2014 Prince Charles’s coronation service should be opened with a reading from the Koran, a senior Church of England bishop … Continue reading

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Re: Shaykh al-Yaqoubi Appeals on CNN to the Arabs and International Community to Combat ISIS, Pope Francis Says WWIII Already Begun by Sayyid Amiruddin – Nov 18th, 2014

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. As Salamu Alaikum Madad Ya Sultan ul-Ambiya, Madad Ya Haydaru Kerrar. We heard the Sharif, Shaykh Muhammad Abul Huda al-Yaqoubi say this on CNN.  It is time now to … Continue reading

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Indian Muslims and Palestinian Awqaf By Dr. Omar Khalidi for Jerusalem Quarterly

By Dr. Omar Khalidi for Jerusalem Quarterly At the dawn of the twentieth century, British India contained slightly over 70 million Muslims–more than the collapsing Ottoman Empire. The Indian Muslim … Continue reading

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