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Mahdi ‘alaihi salam: Mawlana GrandShaykh Nazim’s Statement



Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life Study Reveals Over 670 Million Muslims Expect Mahdi to Appear Before 2050


Wa’iz al-Ummah Mawlana GrandShaykh ‘Abd Allah al-Faiz ad-Daghestani qadasAllahu sirrahul ‘Aziz. GrandShaykh ‘Abd Allah ad-Daghestani met with Saheb uz-Zaman Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi ‘alaihi salam in Madina in the 1960’s and personally designed with perfect proportion, and built in Damascus,Masjid al-Mahdi in honor of Sahib uz-Zaman Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi.

“(Our GrandShaykh says): Among those for whom Paradise will take on more beauty are Mahdi (peace be upon him) and his Vizers and Ministers.” – Mercy Oceans, p.11, Mawlana GrandShaykh Nazim al-Qubrusi


Mawlana GrandShaykh Nazim al-Qubrusi (1922-2014) claimed to have met and pledged allegiance to the Mahdi with GrandShaykh ‘Abd Allah ad-Daghestani more than sixty years ago in the holy city of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah

“…GrandShaykh was asking [Hadrat Mahdi], I was there, ‘Oh Saheb uz-Zaman, which Madhab you are following?’ I am hearing, he (Hadrat Mahdi) said, “O Shaykh Abdullah, I am not in need to follow any Madhab, we are like Prophets. What he was making way for his Ummah, we are going first, and whole Shia, Sunni, Salafi, Wahhabi, all of them must follow me…” – Mawlana GrandShaykh Nazim al-Qubrusi, March 25th, 2011. SaltanatTV

“It is as though I see you when Allah’s support has been sent upon you, relief has been achieved, your magnificence and greatness has risen … it is at this moment that the rule of truth will dawn and the darkness of evil will vanish from the scene of existence. Through your hands, Allah will break the oppressors’ backs, will reinstate the religious sacraments, will enlighten the horizons of the world, and will establish calm and peace throughout the world. Your enemies will be disgraced and your friends esteemed and victorious. Not even a single oppressor, criminal, rebellious denier, encroaching enemy, spiteful opponent will remain on the face of earth, for whoever trusts in Allah, He will provide him sufficient support. Verily, Allah fulfills His wish and executes His definitive promise and will. Verily Allah has set a plan for everything.”– Narration of Imam Hasan al-Askari’s statement to his eldest son Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi 


Name of the 11th Imam Hasan al-Askari radiAllahu ‘anhu at Haram al-Sharif Masjid an-Nabawi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The name of the 12th Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi radiAllahu ‘anhu at Haram al–Sharif Masjid an-Nabawi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

GrandShaykh ‘Abd Allah al-Faiz ad-Daghestani: Saheb uz-Zaman Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (as) is neither Sunni nor Shi’ite

Narrated Abi Abdullah Ja’far b. Muhammad from his father al-Baqir who narrated from his father the Master of the Worshippers ‘Ali b. al-Husayn, who narrated from his father the Master of the Martyrs al-Husayn b. Ali who narrated from his father Amir al-Muminin ‘Ali b. Abi Talib, who said: During his final illness the Messenger of Allah salutations be upon him said to me: “O Father of al-Hasan, bring me a pen and paper”, and he dictated his will (for his family) until he came to a position where he said, “O ‘Ali, there will be twelve Imams from my House and after them, there will be twelve Mahdis from their descendants…the first of the close ones, he has three names, one like mine and one like my father’s; Abdullah, Ahmed, and the third name is al-Mahdi…” – Shaykh Tusi, Ghayba li Tusi p.150

Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq said: “O Abi Hamza, verily there will be from us, after the Qa’im (Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi), eleven Mahdis (Guided Ones) from the sons of al-Husayn.” – Ghayba li Tusi, p.478, Hadith.504 

Abu Basir said: I told al-Sadiq, Ja’far b. Muḥammad: “O son of the Prophet, I once heard your father saying that after the Qa’im there shall be twelve Mahdis”. Then al-Sadiq said: “Indeed, he said ‘twelve Mahdis’ and he did not say ‘twelve (more) Imams’. They are from our followers, who shall call upon people to support us (i.e., the Twelve Imams) and who shall identify our right (“al-mawaddat fil-qurba” – to be loved).” – Kamaluddin, Chapter 2, p.358, Hadith.56


The Great Mosque of Samarra, Iraq



06:75 “And thus did We show Abraham the realm of the heavens and the earth that he would be among the certain [in faith]”

“…We showed Abraham the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, so that he may be of those who have certainty. When he (Abraham) was raised to the heavens (space), Allah enhanced his ability of surveillance so that Abraham was able to remotely monitor everyone and everything on the earth at will, and also see all that was concealed beneath the earth’s surface. Abraham saw people (transgress the law) and punished them from the heavens (space)…and he continued to punish transgressors in this manner until he was asked to return to earth by Divine Mercy for the people…” [Explained from Tafsir of Imam Hasan al-Askari [English] p.560]


The shrine complex of Imam ‘Ali al-Hadi and Imam Hasan al-Askari and the Sardab (Cellar) attributed to Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi overlooking the ascending conic spiral minaret of the Great Mosque of Samarra.

Hadrat Imam Muhammad ibn Hasan ibn ‘Ali ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Ali al-Rida, may Allah be pleased with him, is the twelfth imam among the Aimmatal Huda (Imams of Guidance). He was born on the 30th of Ramadan in the year 257 Hijri in the City of Samara, Iraq. His kunyah is Abul Qasim, and his titles include “Imam bil-Hujjah, al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar and Sahib uz-Zaman [Shawahid an-Nabuwat by Mawlana ‘Abd al-Rahman Jami, translated by Mufti Muhammad Ashraf Raza Qadiri titled ‘Sawaneh Bara Imam from the Musanif of Allamah ‘Abd al-Rahman Jami‘. p. 185]

“Sahib uz-Zaman Imam al-Mahdi alaihi salam…And for every century, some people, they have been granted that authority to meet him, alaihi salam, alaihi salam…”-“Sayyidina Al Mahdi (as) and Sayyidina Al Hussain (as)”, 23:49-24:04, Feb 16th, 2011, Mawlana GrandShaykh al-Sayyid al-Sharif Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani,

“You know, many societies believed in Immortals…these are people that don’t have natural lifespans. They live for very very long periods of time…most of the Ulema argue that al-Khidr is a genuine Immortal and many people have claimed to have met with him, people like Abu Madyan al-Ghawth. It is kinda hard to imagine these people were lying…Muslims talked about this Fountain of Youth. It is mentioned in several Andalusian (Islamic) texts and they believed it was in the West. They believed al-Khidr drank from that fountain which is why he was an Immortal…these may be legends (for some) but there are Ulema who have taken them seriously…” – “Is al-Khidr (alaihi salam) Alive?” Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. June 25, 2013

The Alcyone Star Spiral Minaret of Samarra 


…They say he (Imam al-Mahdi) became hidden in the Cellar (Sardab). What Cellar? No, rather, he was raised to the heavens” –Mawlana GrandShaykh Nazim al-Qubrusi, Jan 16th, 2011. SaltanatTV

“All the warheads are under the control of Jinns, and the Jinn are under the command of Sayyidina Mahdi ‘alayhi salam. So nothing will be by chance; it will be only as much as Allah is asking. Everything is just arranged. There is a group of Saints, the Five Qutbs, that look after everything according to the Will of Allah. Nothing on this earth happens by chance or accident. And nothing happens without a reason…”– Mawlana GrandShaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani, ‘Bridge to Eternity’


Ancient Sumerian cylinder seal (VA/243 -State Museum, East Berlin), shows a ‘star’ with several (eleven) planets surrounding it.


Neom is a planned 10,230-square-mile (26,500 sq km) transnational futuristic city to be constructed in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia close to the border region of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt (via a proposed bridge across the Gulf of Aqaba). Neom will be an “aspirational society that heralds the future of human civilization”. The city of Neom will also have more robots than humans. According to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, “We want the main robot and the first robot in Neom to be Neom, robot number one. Everything will have a link with artificial intelligence, with the Internet of Things—everything.” For Neom, the Saudis have granted official state citizenship—a first for planet Earth—to one such machine, named Sophia Robot.

Neom, gives you the sense that this is a name of the future. You feel like Neom is a name from outer space.” – His Highness Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oct 27th, 2017


Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin’s hand written rendition of ancient Arab documentation of the alphabet of Saturn, corresponding to the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet as documented from ancient Arab sources in 214 Hijri by the Umayyads during the construction of the Dome of the Rock and Haram al-Sharif Al Aqsa Mosque in 691 CE.

When the Mahdi (‘alaihi salam) appears, he will bring so many new people with him who will be coming from around this world. There are so many unknown worlds around our world. People will come from Nujaba, Awtad, Budalla and Akhyar.” – Mawlana GrandShaykh Nazim al-Qubrusi, 1985


American aviator and astronaut Buzz Aldrin was the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 11, the first American lunar landing. According to NASA he was the second American to set foot on the Moon, after Mission Commander Neil Armstrong. Aldrin was a member of the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine


Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin’s hand written rendition of ancient Arab documentation of the alphabet of the Moon, corresponding to the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet as documented from Arab sources in 214 Hijri by the Umayyads during the construction of the Dome of the Rock and Haram al-Sharif Al Aqsa Mosque in 691 CE.


The 1976 Imperial Iranian Airforce UFO Incident was a radar and visual sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) over Tehran, the capital of Iran, during the early morning hours of 19 September 1976 during the days of the Pahlavi dynasty. During the incident, two F-4 Phantom II jet interceptors lost instrumentation and communications as they approached, only to have them restored upon withdrawal; one of the aircraft also suffered temporary weapons systems failure, while preparing to open fire. The incident, recorded in a four-page United States Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report distributed to at least the White House, Secretary of State, Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), remains one of the most well-documented military encounters with anomalous phenomena in history” – Imperial Iranian Airforce UFO Incident of 1976


The headline: “Giant spaceship-shaped cloud hovering over 75,000ft above Earth is photographed by Space Station astronauts”  The cloud would be invisible to anyone on the ground and would even be obscure from a regular passenger jet since they can reach up to 75,000ft. Astronauts captured the astonishing picture from hundreds of miles up as they orbited the globe on the International Space Station. Actual NASA photo. Photo for illustration purposes only. NASA Astronaut Photo ID ISS016-E-27426 AFRICA. Photo source:

“…Another hadith states: ‘A bestial vessel is reserved for your Master and Friend [the Mahdi]. What is the meaning of ‘bestial vessel’?  A cloud that is loud as thunder and fast as lightning, upon which he rides. Be aware that soon he will [appear] riding on clouds, and ascending to seven heavens and seven lands.’ This does not refer to an ordinary cloud, as clouds are not vessels that can be sailed upon in outer space. [Clouds] travel near the atmosphere that is close to the earth, and they cannot attain great altitudes. Therefore, the meaning here is an extraordinary and very swift vessel that looks like a dense cloud in the sky; its sound is that of thunder and its power and speed is that of lightning. When it moves, it slashes the heart of the sky with extraordinary force, and in this way it can advance to any point in the firmament. Therefore, this is a super-modern vessel, and there is none like it today. It is like a spaceship and like other swift and amazing space vessels that are found [only] in stories today, but nobody knows how close [these vessels] come to truth and reality. Maybe it will be like [a spaceship] but in any case it is not a spaceship…Therefore, it is clear that during the global revolution of the Mahdi… there will be an unprecedented expansion of industry and technology…” – Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi, August 26th, 2016


The Ascending Conic Spiral Minaret at the Great Mosque of Samarra is based on the Alcyone Star Spiral. The Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiades open cluster referred to in Arabic as ath-Thurayya. Ath-Thurayya is approximately 440 light years from the Sun.

The Great Mosque of Samarra was constructed by the Abbasid caliph al-Mu’tasim about the same time as his Caliphal Palace/Caliphal Circle called, Dar al-Khilafa in Samarra in 851.  The maximum capacity of the Caliphal Palace was 2,563,200 people (267 American football fields). This would be about 200,000 people less than the population of Chicago, Illinois. The maximum capacity of the mosque is .024 of the palace.


Minaret of Samarra, Great Mosque of Samarra, Samarra, Iraq. Commissioned in 848 and completed in 851 by the Abbasids.

The minaret of the Great Mosque of Samarra is a three-dimensional ascending conic spiral.  The base of the minaret is based on the Archimedean spiral and the ascending Alcyone Star Spiral. The Archimedean spiral has the property that any ray from the origin intersects consecutive spirals at a constant seperation distance.


Clay Sumerian Star Map from 3300 BC : Celestial planisphere (map); sky has been divided into eight sections. It represents the night sky and was found in the Library of Ashurbanipal of 650 BC in Nineveh. The rectangular shape at the top has been identified as the constellation known today as Gemini and the stars contained with an oval shape are the Pleiades. The two triangles in the lower right mark the bright stars of Pegasus. Tablet. Museum number K.8538. Title (series) Library of Ashurbanipal (Iraq), British Museum.

 Saheb uz-Zaman Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi & Isa b. Mariam Raised Within to the 4th Dimension 4thdemension

The Mahdi and Jesus are hidden from sight because they entered the fourth dimension where the limitations of time and space are no longer applicable. Hence the Mahdi became Saheb uz-Zaman, or the Master of Time, and Jesus returns after thousands of years without aging as a thirty year old. Jesus is the Beloved Helper of the Prophet Muhammad and will establish the government for the House of Muhammad in the Mahdi. In regards to the Mahdi, it is understood that he received by Divine Will the ability to ascend from our third dimensional plane onto the fourth dimensional plane at a particular point in his life like his grandfather the Master of Prophets on the Night of the Ascension (Al-Isra Wal-Miraj). He is the Caliphatu Rasulullah, or  Absolute Representative, Legal Heir, Inheritor and Vicegerent of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).


The Cloak of the Messenger of Allah salutations be upon him from his Night Journey – Al Isra Wal Mairaj – presented by Imam ‘Ali b. Abi Talib to Uwais al-Qarni, Istanbul, Turkey.

Hence, it is most likely Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi b. Hasan al-Askari ascended to the heavens from the centre of the conic spiral minaret of the Great Mosque of Samarra, which likely served as  a stargate like other sites in Iraq and the Middle East from which the prophets including the Seal of Prophets ascended and descended to heaven from the third dimension to the fourth dimension and beyond.


The Cloak of the Messenger of Allah salutations be upon him from his Night Journey – Al Isra Wal Mairaj – presented by Imam ‘Ali b. Abi Talib to Uwais al-Qarni, Istanbul, Turkey.

Other examples of such sites are the Grand Mosque at Makkah, from where the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him began the Night Journey and the Dome of the Rock in Bait al-Maqdis – Haram al-Sharif Masjid al-Aqsa and time and space were halted for him. The minaret of the Great Umayyad Mosque of Damascus, from where Isa b. Mariam will descend from heaven back into the third dimension is another well known example.


European translations of early Arabic schemes of the Solar System with the Orbits of the Planets and Comets in the form of Astronomical Maps


Latin translation of the works of an ancient Arabic text Kitab al-Aqalim by Abul Qasim al-Iraqi (d.1260?). European translations of early Arabic schemes of the Solar System with the Orbits of the Planets and Comets in the form of Astronomical Maps.

Late 14th century/early 15th century Arabic text from Iraq.

Tesseract, 4th Dimension Made Easy By Carl Sagan

The Prophet’s Hadith on Pleiades


The Ascending Conic Spiral Minaret at the Great Mosque of Samarra is based on the Alcyone Star Spiral. The Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiades open cluster referred to in Arabic as ath-Thurayya. Ath-Thurayya is approximately 440 light years from the Sun.

Sahih Al Muslim: “We were sitting in the company of Allah’s Prophet (salutations be upon him) that Sura al-Jumu’a was revealed to him and when he recited (these words): “Others from amongst them who have not yet joined them,” a person amongst them (those who were sitting there) said: Allah’s Messenger! But Allah’s Prophet (salutations be upon him) made no reply, until he questioned him once, twice or thrice. And there was amongst us Salman the Persian. The Prophet of Allah (salutations be upon him) placed his hand on Salman and then said: Even if faith were near the Pleiades, a man from amongst these (Persians) would surely find it. [Sahih Al Muslim, Chapter: The Merits of the People of Persia]


Ancient Arabic text Kitāb Gharāʾib al-funūn wa-mulaḥ al-ʿuyūn, known as the Book of Curiosities


Mawlana GrandShaykh Nazim’s Statement Regarding Disarmament of Nuclear Weapons

Mawlana GrandShaykh Nazim: Sayyidina al-Husayn was Raised to Heaven from Karbala like Jesus was Raised

FAST RADIO BURSTS FROM EXTRAGALACTIC LIGHT SAILS – Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics

Mysterious flashes could be alien spacecraft at work, Harvard scientists say

‘Shape shifting’ Jesus had the ability to escape his crucifixion, newly deciphered ancient Egyptian text claims – The Daily Mail

SHOCK CLAIM: Jesus was a SHAPE-SHIFTER and could take any form, ancient Egyptian texts say – UK Sunday Express

Iraqi transport minister claims first airport was built 7,000 years ago in Iraq by ancient Sumerians – The Independent Daily

Iran President Hassan Rouhani describes UFO experience that landed next to him

CNN Larry King Live Exclusive : UFOs Shut Down Nuclear Weapons

RT News Exclusive : Ex-USAF Officers Claim UFO Disarmed Nuclear Sites


FBI.GOV – UFO Documentation Vault

Nine incredible things we learnt from the CIA’s declassified documents – aliens, psychic powers and invisible ink recipes

CIA releases thousands of declassified ‘X-files’ on aliens, flying saucers and other unexplained phenomena

How Uri Geller convinced the CIA he was a ‘psychic wairrior’

“UFO” and “Alien Technology” Lectures at the 4th Global Competitiveness Forum, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-2011

Dr. Zakir Naik: “Quran says there is (Alien) life beyond this earth, I believe in it”

An Exopolitical Perspective on the Preemptive War against Iraq: ‘Sumerian Stargate’ in Southern Iraq

“USA attack Iraq & Syria Because Illuminati Want to Control the STARGATE”

‘Aliens could share more tech with us, if we warmonger less’ – Former Canada Defense Minister – RT News Exclusive

These Ancient Artifacts – Like King Tut’s Dagger – Are Made From Alien Metals – Forbes

King Tut had a dagger made from metal of ‘extraterrestrial origin’ – The Washington Post

King Tut’s dagger came from outer space – New York Post


Time Lord – Saheb uz-Zaman Imam Muhammad Al Mahdi and Silsilat adh-Dhahab: The Naqshbandi Golden Chain and Al Mahdi

Mawlana GrandShaykh ‘Abd Allah al-Faiz ad-Daghestani and Mawlana GrandShaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani in Syria with Shaykh Hisham Kabbani and Shaykh Adnan Kabbani

In addition to his clear statement to Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin in 2010 in Cyprus on record regarding the Mahdi, throughout his life, the venerable Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Qubrusi stated on record not only his belief in the existence of a literal hidden Imam from the Ahl al-Bayt known as the ‘Saheb uz-Zaman Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi alahi salam’ for the spiritual elite but rather also said on record that the venerable GrandShaykh Mawlana ‘Abd Allah al-Faiz ad-Daghestani and he actually met, spoke and pledged allegiance with this Imam over 60 years ago. For example, on March 25th, 2011 Mawlana Shaykh Nazim said on SaltanatTV, “May Allah forgives us, and protect all our brothers, sisters and believers, mo’min people, to reach and to be with Saheb uz-Zaman, Imam ul-Asr, we hope.  He is brining Sirr ush-Shariah.  GrandShaykh was asking [Hadrat Mahdi], I was there, Oh Saheb uz-Zaman, which Madhab you are following? I am hearing, he (Hadrat Mahdi) said, “O Shaykh Abdullah, I am not in need to follow any Madhab, we are like Prophets…and whole Shia, Sunni, Salafi, Wahhabi, all of them must follow me.”  Furthermore, he said, “Al Mahdi (alaihi salam)  is coming.  Al Mahdi (alaihi salam) is coming.  Al Mahdi (alaihi salam) is in the land of Hejaz. He is there, his family knows him and besides his family, no one can recognize him.  And we are asking to meet him, to kiss his feet and take bayat with him. Sixty years ago I took bayat with him, O Shaykh Hisham! Sixty years ago I gave him bayt, together with my Master Mawlana Sultan ul-Awliya Abdullah Al Daghastani…”(Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Qubrusi, April 6th, 2012. SaltanatTV)

Furthermore, this hidden Mahdi has been present over the centuries for the spiritual elite according to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, who stated further, “Sahib uz-Zaman Imam al-Mahdi alaihi salam…And for every century, some people, they have been granted that authority to meet him, alaihi salam, alaihi salam…”(“Sayyidina Al Mahdi (as) and Sayyidina Al Hussain (as)”, 23:49-24:04, Feb 16th, 2011, Mawlana Shaykh al-Sayyid Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani,

Names of Ninety-nine Caliphs of Sayyidina Mahdi by Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani At-Tahirق

GrandShaykh Mawlana Sayyid Sharafuddin ad-Daghestani

GrandShaykh Mawlana Sayyid Sharafuddin ad-Daghestani

Names of Wuzara, Caliphs and Deputies of Sayyidina Mahdi Alayhi’s Salaam

Whoever reads the names of these guided ones daily, Allah will open guidance to their heart as through them, they will be guided. Whoever seeks forgiveness from Allah for their sake, or for resolution of a problem, relief from difficulty, or for a marriage. For the sake of these AwliyaAllah. Allah will cure illness, solve problems, remove difficulties, grant weddings, etc.

Shaykh Sharafuddin Ad-Dagestani (Q) extracted this precious wisdom of the foremost awliya in the time of Sayyidina Mahdi Alayhis Salaam as a benefit for the sake of the Ummah. The few who are authorized recite those blessed names and meet those awliya daily, for when you knock at the door of someone you know, they greet you. This is why it was such an important undertaking: to reveal these holy souls and utilize their heavenly powers.

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (Q) said, “Sayyidina Mahdi alayhis salaam and his seven Grand Wazeers, ninety-nine Caliphs and three hundred and thirteen Grand Murshids are all in the Naqshbandi Tariqah.”

Yā sayyid as-sādāt wa nūr al-mawjudāt, yā man hūwa al-malja’u liman massahu ḍaymun wa ghammun wa alam. Yā aqrabu ’l-wasā’ili ilā- Allāhi taʿalā wa yā aqwā ’l-mustanad, attawasalu ila janābīka ’l-ʿaẓam bi-hādhihi’ssādāti, wa āhlillāh, wa āhli baitika ’l-kirām, lidafʿi ḍurrin lā yudfaʿu illā bi wāsiṭatik, wa rafʿi ḍaymun lā yurfaʿu illā bi-dalālatika bi Sayyidī yā Rasūl Allāh, wa bi Sayyidi.

Seven Wuzara

Shahāmatu ’l-Fardānī,

Yūsuf aṣ-Ṣiddīq,

Abdur-Ra’uf al-Yamānī,

Imāmu ’l-‘Ārifīn Amāni ’l-Ḥaqq,

Lisānu ’l-Mutakallimīn ʿAwnullāh as-Sakhāwī,

Ārifu ’ṭ-Ṭayyār al-Māʿrūf bi Mulḥān,

Burhānu ’l-Kuramā’ Ghawth il-Anām,

Yā Ṣāḥibu ’z-Zamān Sayyidina Muhammad’ul Mahdi alayhi’s salaam.

Forty Caliphs of Mahdi and fifty-nine deputies, each one under one of the ninety-nine Asma’ullah al-Husna.

Forty Caliphs

Muhi’yideen Ta’ifee

Imad ‘udeen Qurai’ee

Zaynal Abideen Rasafee

Sayyid Zaki’ud Deen

Sayyid Kiram’ud Deen

Sayyid HasabAllah Burzanjee

Ali Rida Kheyamee

Sultaan’ul Arifeen Abdur-Ra’uf al-Yamani

Taj’ul Arifeen Rafi’ud Deen

Mushrik’ud Deen As-Samadani

Muti’ud Deen Al-Fardani

Ibrahim’ul Aa’zab

Thamir’ al-Haqq Zayn’al Abideen

Imam’ul Fuqara Aman’ul-Haq

Ya’seen Duraya-deen


Lutf’Ullah’il Ana Ranee

Abu’l Harith Qalyubi

Mansoor’ul Wa’izi

Taj’Ad-Deen Man’nawi

Muhammad Qa’im’ul Kashgari

Abu Yahya’ul Mad’dani

Sibgatullahi Tir’miji

Zayn’ul Abideen As-Sanusi

Habibullahil Fagnawi

Abu Usman Zujajee

Abdullah’il Yafi’ee

Ibrahim’ul Nasawi

Asa’adil Kar’mani

Jalal’Ad-Deen Al-Bukhari

Umar Al- Hafnawee

Abi Jamrat’ul Sabiqee

Abu Dawud’ul Abhari

Is’ma’eel Sanani

Abu’l Abbas Rasa’ fee

Abdu’l Qadir Al-Awhadi

Naasi’r ud-Deen Dasu’khi

Abu’l Wafaa Badi’ud-Deen

Diya’ud-Deen Al-Kharkani

Burhan’ad-Deen As-Shazeeli

Fath’ud-Deen Al-Azraa’iee

Fifty-nine Deputies

Kalimullahil Qurtubi

Baha’ ud-Deen Dahlawi

Yusuf as-Siddiiq ar-Jarjani

Yaqut’ul Khawwas

Abdul Jami’al Mur’shee

Muslih ‘ud-Deen Sharnubi

Rukun ’ud-Deen Al-Baqi

Abdullah’il Kufi

Fakharuddin Al-Haythami

Nizam’ ud-Deen Shahami

Abdul Hadi Al-Asqalani

Mujama’Rallah Al-Marakishi

Ameen ‘ud-Deen’il Ansari

Badar ‘ud-Deen As-Suyuti

Shahab ‘ud-Deen Al-Maghrabi

Hammad Abu Shayban an-Nasafi

Abu’l Ashiqeen Ahmad’ul Munjee

Habib’ur Rahman Abu’l Fawarish’il Adawee

Abdul Jabbar Al-Bistami

Awnullah As-Sakhawi

Abu Sulayman bin Sahbit’il Khar’raz

Abu Ishaq Naj’mud ‘Deen’il Marwazee

Alaa ‘Ed-Deen as-Samarkandi

Mujeer ‘ud-Deen al-Barizee

Sadar ‘ud-Deen al-Ashari

Abu’l Ma’alee Ra’way as-Salami

Abdul Muhsin An-Nabawi

Yunus Ath-Thani

Labib ‘ud-Deen Al-Atawee

Ibn’ul Asheen’il Jabawee

Abdul Azeem’ul Khuwarazmee

Abu Yusuf Hasaballah Zarkhashee

Emad ‘ud-Deen ar-Rabbani

Abu Zakariyaa Ahmed As-Saffa

Imam ‘ud-Deen Abu’l Mawa’hib’ul Khazramee

Abdu’r Wasi’ Ar-Rifaa’ee

Shams ‘ud-Deen Al-Mahlabee

Burhan ‘ud-Deen Hujjatullah Hashimee

Muraadullah az-Zakir

Bab’ullah’il Ha’qee

Bi ‘Sharatullah’il Lubnani

Thabit Abu Ishaq Ath-Thawree

Kamal ‘ud-Deen Ar-Ardahee

Abdul Raheem Al-Qarni

Waqee ibn Ali Ar-Rida At-Ta’ee

Abi Jumrah Umar Al-Mukhlis

Abu’l Abbas Muhammad Sahib

Nasir’ul Haqq Abu Zaq’wan’ul Uwaydee

Sadid ‘ud-Deen As-Shar’khawee

Zaki ‘ud-Deen Al-Halwani

Abdul Alaa Ata’Ullah An-Nawawi

Abu Jafar Al-Bayhaqi

Abu’l Fuqaraa Khalid Lahoree

Sibaa’qul Ahrar Shaqiq’ul Juwaynee

Hizb ‘ud-Deen Ad-Dahqani

Sadar ‘Ad-Deen As-Sajed

Ataa ‘Ar-Raq’qe

Zaki ‘ud-Deen Ar-Rasafee

Kiraam ‘ud-Deen Al-Khayami

Imam’ul Ahrar Abdur-Razzaq

Safi’ullah Al-Mursi

Abdu’l Hafiz Al-Athar

Imam’ul Nujaba Abdu’l Warithu’l Jabaroot

Muhammad Sharaf ‘ud-Deen Al-Haddani

Muziheer’ul Haqq Abdu’l Hayy’il Kashee

Arif’ur Tayyar Al Maruf Bi’l Mulhan

Abi Shayban Al-Ah’yan

Imam’ul Wa’izeen Abu’l Qasim As-Sabiq

A’la Allahu ta’ala darajatihim da’iman wa barakatihim wa anfasihim al-quddusiyya, bi hurmati man la nabiyya ba’dahu, bi hurmati surati al-Fatiha. Source:


Mawlana Shaykh Nazim: “I was with GrandShaykh when he spoke to Imam al-Mahdi”-March 25th, 2011

Shaykh Nazim: ‘Mawlana Shaykh ‘Abd Allah al-Faizi ad-Daghestani (radi Allahu anhu) and I both met Hadrat Mahdi (as) together’

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim: “GrandShaykh and I pledged allegiance to Hadrat Mahdi (AS) 60 years ago”-April 6th, 2012

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