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The Kingdom of Heaven & The Dynastic School



Bait ul-Muqaddas: The Dome of the Rock constructed in 691 CE on the order of the caliph ‘Abd al-Malik b. Marwan is one of the world’s oldest works of Arab Muslim architecture and is a vault of symbolism

Interior of Haram al-Sharif Bait ul-Muqaddas: Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

Jesus (peace be upon him) did not marry; he never took a wife. At the end of time, Allah (Exalted is He) will send him back down to the earth, and He will then marry him to a young woman of Quraish, who will bear him a son.” (Utterances of Shaikh ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (Malfuzat): Collected Sayings from the Crown of Saints, translated by Muthar Holland)

“Jesus answered: If the messenger of God whom ye call Messiah were son of David, how should David call him lord? Believe me, for verily I say to you, that the promise was made in Ishmael, not in Isaac. (The Gospel of Barnabas, Chapter 43-44: Promise to Ishmael)

The Gospel of Barnabas, Chapter 43-44: Promise to Ishmael


At the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

“James answered: ‘O master, tell us in whom this promise was made; for the Jews say “in Isaac,” and the Ishmaelites say ‘in Ishmael.’”

Jesus answered: ‘David, whose son was he, and of what lineage?’

James answered: ‘Of Isaac; for Isaac was father of Jacob, and Jacob was father of Judah , of whose lineage is David.’

Then said Jesus: ‘And the messenger of God when he shall come, of what lineage will he be?’

The disciples answered: ‘Of David.’

Whereupon Jesus said: ‘Ye deceive yourselves; for David in spirit calleth him lord, saying thus: “God said to my lord, sit thou on my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool. God shall send forth thy rod which shall have lordship in the midst of thine enemies.” If the messenger of God whom ye call Messiah were son of David, how should David call him lord? Believe me, for verily I say to you, that the promise was made in Ishmael, not in Isaac.”’

Thereupon said the disciples: ‘O master, it is thus written in the book of Moses, that in Isaac was the promise made.’

Jesus answered, with a groan: ‘It is so written, but Moses wrote it not, nor Joshua, but rather our rabbins, who fear not God. Verily I say unto you, that if ye consider the words of the angel Gabriel, ye shall discover the malice of our scribes and doctors. For the angel said: “Abraham, all the world shall know how God loveth thee; but how shall the world know the love that thou bearest to God? Assuredly it is necessary that thou do something for love of God.” Abraham answered: “Behold the servant of God, ready to do all that which God shall will.”

‘Then spoke God, saying to Abraham: “Take thy son, thy firstborn Ishmael, and come up the mountain to sacrifice him.”

How is Isaac firstborn, if when Isaac was born Ishmael was seven years old?

Then said the disciples: ‘Clear is the deception of our doctors: therefore tell us thou the truth, because we know that thou art sent from God.’

Then answered Jesus: ‘Verily I say unto you, that Satan ever seeketh to annual the laws of God; and therefore he with his followers, hypocrites and evil-doers, the former with false doctrine, the latter with lewd living, to-day have contaminated almost all things, so that scarcely is the truth found. Woe to the hypocrites! For the praises of this world shall turn for them into insults and torments in hell.

‘I therefore say unto you that the messenger of God is a splendor that shall give gladness to nearly all that God hath made, for he is adorned with the spirit of understanding and of counsel, the spirit of wisdom and might, the spirit of fear and love, the spirit of prudence and temperance, he is adorned with the spirit of charity and mercy, the spirit of justice and piety, the spirit of gentleness and patience, which he hath received from God three times more than he hath given to all his creatures. O blessed time, when he shall come to the world! Believe me that I have seen him and have done him reverence, even as every prophet hath seen him: seeing that of his spirit God giveth to them prophecy. And when I saw him my soul was filled with consolation, saying: “O Mohammed, God be with thee, and may he make me worthy to untie thy shoe latchet, for obtaining this I shall be a great prophet and holy one of God.” ‘

And having said this, Jesus rendered his thanks to God.”

The Dynastic School

Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin’s statement regarding the kingdom of heaven and the dynastic school:

“Although the idea of government in the Old Testament, the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran is strictly based on kingship and hereditary dynastic succession – given Muslims are the religious majority in the Arab world – since the earliest period after the prophetic era, overall, Muslim Arabs were programmed into accepting pan-Islamism as the ideal form of governance wherein visible religious conduct was given precedence over dynastic biological right. The rise of political Shiism came about in response to political Sunnism and intolerance in the name of religion has plagued the Arab Muslim world since. This could have been avoided easily by the law of dynastic succession as stipulated in the holy books. Middle Eastern (not non-Semite non-Mediterranean Christianized and Judaized-European and Russian) forms of Jewish and Christian extremism are also connected to this world view wherein they reject the biological right of Ishmael based on false ideas in favor of his younger brother the blessed Isaac. They rejected Ishmael’s right to succession to his father Abraham based on a fabricated religious idea as did they both Jesus and the Seal of Prophets subsequently. Today, I have come to realize while legally both schools are valid Islamic schools for personal law, and the Middle Eastern (not European and other non-Semite converted nations) Jewish and Christian community enjoy the noble status of Ahl al-Kitab, a unifying kingdom of heaven in the Arab world can never be founded upon the idea of interpretation of religious ideology and theory since even within the same groups there are so many contradicting opinions invalidating one another. Everyone believes they are more correct than the other. Rather, I have come to realize through inspiration today, while Middle Eastern Ahl al-Kitab and both the caliphate school (political Sunnism) as well as the imamate school (political Shiism) can be argued as religiously valid forms of spiritual religious expression, to use them as exclusively a political ideology has proven ineffective in meeting the demands of the Arabs. Hence, I have evolved my political view to ascribe to what we can call the dynastic school which is based upon the clear laws of succession highlighted in the scriptures of these groups, and not the caliphate nor imamate nor covenant school in themselves. This is not in denial of the (religious implications of the) covenant nor the caliphate nor the imamate school, the views to which I myself ascribe to and am religiously bound, rather based on political theory or even a political solution to the current state of affairs. In my opinion, this is why the venerable Mawlana Shaykh ‘Abd Allah Daghestani and the venerable Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani concurred with Shaykh al-Akbar Muhiuddin Ibn Arabi and declared the Arab Fatimid known as the Awaited Mahdi – whom they said is a literal living person who they both personally met and pledged allegiance to – is neither Shiite nor Sunnite. The head of the body of Arabs today cannot be religiously intolerant nor can it tolerate intolerance based on theology if it is to unite their ranks. As such, the right of the ascension to the office of kingship for Arabs cannot be based on the theological arguments of Arab-Christian, Arab-Jewish, or Arab-Muslim clergy rather will be based upon no other divine right other than (established through miraculous power) biological succession from an undeniable established preserved line of descent from Adam and the prophets of his biological line of in the form of a royal dynasty. It is then dynastic succession to the prophets which is the correct form of succession in the Middle East of the end times and is the correct political model in the end times wherein unlike the early generations, so many sects and schools within schools exist. The Arab Fatimid known as al-Mahdi will rule for the Arabs with kingdom as king of the royal family, the Ahl al-Bayt, from the House of Muhammad (salutations upon Him) because of his ability to establish and unite Arabs by unveiling or guiding them to the secrets linking together the tribe of Adam and Eve in the Middle East, and establishing his undeniable biological succession to Adam, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Ishaq, Jacob, Moses, Aron, David, Solomon, Zakariya, John, Jesus and Muhammad through the royal House of Fatima al-Zahra (the daughter of the Seal of Prophets) and uniting thereby the Arabs, both Muslim and Ahl al-Kitab, and the race of Adam and Eve. He will do this with the Ark of the Covenant wherein are kept the holy writings of Adam and Eve, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses and scriptures of all the prophets who appeared in the Middle East and Mediterranean from the tribe of Adam and Eve . He will subsequently rule for the Arabs by kingdom thereafter because of his blood. In order to unite the ranks of the Arabs, he will first eradicate the Arab world of religious intolerance and such intolerant ideas by putting an end to seventy-thousand religious scholars according to Shaykh al-Akbar Muhiuddin Ibn Arabi in the Middle East. When the Arab-Muslims, Arab-Jews and Arab-Christians (not European or other) of the end times will elevate their mental paradigm regarding political theory and model of government, liberating it from both the religious arguments of succession to the Covenant of Abraham and for Arab Muslims, the caliphate school (political Sunnism) as well the imamate school (political Shiism), to the dynastic school, the Awaited Messiah of the Ahl al-Kitab known as Jesus son of Mary and the Awaited Mahdi of the eleventh dynasty of the House of Muhammad (S) will come forth and elevate them and liberate them from themselves. It is only this form of vicegerency of God, caliphate, like that of the prophet David who was a king and also held the vicegerency of God according to the Holy Quran, Arabs will accept, and it is this form of caliphate the sages idealized which restores the House of Abraham to the kingdom of heaven. “Or are they jealous of mankind because of that which Allah of His bounty hath bestowed upon them? For We bestowed upon the House of Abraham the scripture and wisdom, and We bestowed on them a mighty kingdom” (4:54).”


Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin outside the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

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