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“If Allah intends goodness for someone, he gives him understanding of the religion.” (Bukhari)


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Once, Gabriel appeared to Adam and informed him, ‘I am ordered to offer you three things. You may choose one, and leave the other two. Adam then asked, “What are those three things?” Gabriel replied, ‘They are Intelligence, shyness and religion.’ Adam then said, “I choose Intelligence.” Gabriel then asked shyness and religion to return and to leave Intelligence with Adam. They informed Gabriel, ‘O Gabriel, we are commanded to be with Intelligence wherever it may exist. Gabriel then said, “It then is up to you.” He then ascended to the  heavens.” – Narrated from Imam ‘Ali b. Abi Talib

“When Allah, created Intelligence, He made it speak and then He commanded to it come forward. It came forward. He then commanded it to go backward and it went backward. Then Allah declared, “I swear by My honor and glory that I have not created any creation more beloved to Me than you. I will not perfect you in anyone except those whom I love.” – Narrated from Imam Abi Ja’far Muhammad al-Baqir 

“Say, I am a servant of Allah. I want to get closer to my Lord, by serving in the way of Shah Mardan. I want to be a clean servant, to learn. My aim is to destroy Shaytan’s reign. You set this world on fire. Flame came from the fire of ignorance. We will extinguish that flame. Instead of the fire of ignorance, we’ll make this world into a bed of roses.”Mawlana GrandShaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani, March 30th, 2013

“DNA forms Man. Man is brain. Brain is life. Life is thought, desire, Irada. Everything Man is, is because of his neurochemistry, and his subsequent brainwave activity – which are the measure of his thoughts. Life is thought. Thought is expressed from Intelligence, Aql.” – Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin

As an expression of gratitude to the wonderful guests who visit this blog to learn, the following learning outlines of knowledge from the Sunni Muslim school directing to self-truth and self-realization are available in their service for download.

The Holy Qurʼan Manuscript of Père Lachaise, confessor of Louis XIV

al-Suwar al-munjiyāt (The Five surahs that save)

Kitāb Hirmis al-ḥakīm (The Book of Hermes the Wise)

Mulahhas fī al-Hay’a (Compendium of astronomy) by Sharaf al-Dīn Mahmūd ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Umar al-Jiġhmīnī

Kashf al-Ghummah fi Nafa al-Ummah: The Important Stars Among the Multitude of the Heavens

Kitab suwar al-kawakib (Book of the Constellations of the Fixed Stars) by  ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn ‘Umar al-Sufi

Music Instruction and Perfect Harmony: Harmonic Secrets of Arabic Music and Maqam

“The Ideological Battlefield: Egypt’s Dar al- Iftaa combats radicalization”

The Greatest Jihad: Jihad al-Nafs (The Struggle Against Ones Lower Self)

Learning Outline for Core Sunni Doctrines

Learning Outline for Hadith Studies

Learning Outline for Hanafi Fiqh

Study Guide for Fiqh Learning Outline

Ahadtih About Existence of Awliya

Regarding Al Abdaal

Al Azhar Fatwa on Sufism

Wearing Trousers Below Ones Ankles

Evidence for Hanafi Salah Method

Fiqh of Beard

Forging Ahadith

Imam Suyuti’s Merits of Ahl al-Bayt

Merits of the Royal House of David in the Holy Quran

Tabari’s Narrations on the Tragedy of Karbala

Meaning of Religious Innovation/Bida’h

Status of Monarchy in Islam

Rank of Qutb and Ghawth Explained by Imam Al Haddad

The Sacrificial Son of Abraham

Regarding Tarawih

Possibility of Seeing the Holy Prophet in a Wakeful State

Status of Arabic & Arabs

Status of the House of Quraysh

Supplicating through Prophet & Awliya

The Need for Taqlid

The Excellence of Mawlid over Laylatul Qadr & the Eidain

Twelve Tribes of Ishmael

Regarding the Using of Numerical Ta’widh

Permissibility of Using Tawidh

Womens Hanafi Fiqh

Womens Prayer Method According to the Hanafi School

Fiqh of Zakah in the Hanafi School

The Secret History of the Ark of the Covenant: Hermes, Hagar and the Bloodline of Muhammadﷺ By Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin

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