Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin

Researcher of Political Science & Classical Islam. Initiated by the Khwajagan i-Naqshband.

Re: Who has the right to manage Jerusalem? By Sayyid Amiruddin December 7th, 2014


…When Muslim kings managed Jerusalem,  Jews, Christians Muslims lived in peace.  Christians killed Muslims and Jews in the Holy Land and burned down the Aqsa Mosque during the Crusades so they were rejected by Divine Providence and are not allowed back permenantly until today, until they repent.  The Jews under the Jewish State burned it down again in the 1900’s and their policies since taking power by US support demonstrtes what they are actually only capable of putting bullets in the walls of Al Aqsa and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, gay pride parades in the heartland of Christianity,  Judaism and Islam.  They are in transgression of every rule of the Old Testament. Muslim kings on the other hand are the only ones who respected and protected all sites and sentiments throughout history.  Who brought the Jews back into Jerusalem after they were expelled the second time? Arab Muslims under the second rashidun caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab, who restored the religious sites of both communities as well as identified the Arab holy site.  Even until today, all of the sites of the Biblical Prophets and holy people of the Children of Israel like John the Baptist, Zakariah, Jonah, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Ezekiel, Jethro, Aaron, the Pyramids of Giza, Joseph, David etc., and even the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus was born are protected and managed by Arab Muslims now and in the past by Muslim kings.  We can do it and are qualified to, and have done it for over 1400 years.  Jews and Christians cannot and could not do it because of religious issues and hate for others.  History and present day conditions in the Holy Land demonstrate this clearly. Arabs are better custodians.  History has demonstrated this.  I am making a case here for Al Abdaal.  Inshallah they will intercede.

One comment on “Re: Who has the right to manage Jerusalem? By Sayyid Amiruddin December 7th, 2014

  1. imran ali
    December 7, 2014

    let king abduallah be the ruler of jerusalem

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