Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin

Researcher of Political Science & Classical Islam. Initiated by the Khwajagan i-Naqshband.

Re: “Canada and the Harper Government is Anti-Muslim”, “Israel is Canada’s greatest partner in the Middle East”, “Islam and Muslims are the enemy of Canada” by Sayyid Amiruddin -Nov 5th, 2014


I have heard enough of this rabble about Canada and Muslims and jihad. Let me say, while I do not support the Conservative Party, nor even democracy for that matter, and believe our Constitutional Monarchy ought NOT be ceremonial, rather executive, I will say to your disappointment, that in fact, the Harper government, and Canada, for that matter is actually NOT against Muslims and Arabs. We cannot be enemies with the Arabs and Muslim countries, who follow the faith of Islam, because of our real philosophical views at the top of our nation since its founding, and our trade relations with Arab and Muslim countries, which actually flourished under the Harper government. Again, I want to be clear here, the Conservative Party and its deceitful and misleading politics aside of tooting the Jewish State of Israel’s horn as if we need to be Israeli citizens first, to be Canadian, and targeting immigrants and speaking ill of Islam, Arabs and Canadian Muslims aside, Canada in fact is not, and the Harper government cannot be anti-Muslim!


Lets start with philosophy here, since we naturally make friends with those who share our views more than those who oppose our world view. Canada is a ceremonial constitutional monarchy, not a full democracy. Philosophically, as a multi-cultural yet predominantly Christian nation, we differ seriously with the Americans and the Israelis on the very definition of “Israel”. According to the Church of England’s definition, which we have always accepted, and the Supreme Governor of which is Her Majesty Canada’s Queen, only those countries under the throne of the House of David are Biblically definable as Israel. This means, according to the Canadian government since the very founding of this country, for a country to be called “Israel” it must be under our royal family, which in fact the Jewish State of Israel is not . Our view, from above of course, is that we, nations under our royal family, are in fact the real “Israel”, not the (flawed according to the Democracy Index 2012) democracy referred to as the Jewish State of Israel in the Arab Middle East.

Canada’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Secondly, under Harper, Canada’s foreign policy in the Arab Middle East supports monarchies, yes, monarchies, not full or flawed democracy. Israel is the only albeit, flawed, democracy in the Middle East, and Canada’s policy is in favour of monarchies. Did you know, the Harper government pledged an ‘unprecedented’ $100 million in support to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to help deal with the influx of refugees from Syria? What does that tell you about Canada’s friendship with Arabs, and even those who rule by divine right in the Middle East because they are the direct family of the Prophet Muhammad?

Canada’s Trade Partners in the Middle East

Furthermore, under the Harper government, Canada has advanced the most ambitious trade expansion plan in Canadian history lead through our trade mission to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, another two monarchies in the Middle East. Also, Saudi students under Harper have increased their presence in Canada, and account for the fourth-highest number of international students in the country now.


Furthermore, Malaysia is a Muslim feudal constitutional monarchy. Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, through the Malaysian state-owned enterprise Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) secured an direct investment of US$36 billion to develop shale gas assets in Canada and build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal for their export to Asia. This accounts for the biggest EVER foreign direct investment in energy in the history of Canada! Can the Jewish State of Israel afford to invest $36 billion in direct foreign investment in Canada? Does the Jewish State of Israel, whose entire economy actually depends on foreign aid, even have $36 billion to invest in Canada??

Canada’s Largest Partner in the Middle East

Did you know, Canada does MORE trade with an Arab Muslim kingdom, which houses the most sacred sites of Islam, Mecca and Medina, and is an absolute monarchy with a Wahhabi interpretation of “Shariah” law; the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, than it does with the flawed democratic Jewish State of Israel, in fact, almost TWICE more actually! Get over it.

I can continue perhaps, but by preference, I will end here so people who are deluding Canadians into thinking Canada is an enemy of the Arabs and Muslim world, or vice versa do not go jump off a bridge now in shame and blame Islam or Islamic teachings for it 😀

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