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CNN iReport: Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani al-Qubrusi Teacher



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Muhammad Nazim Adil al- Haqqani al- Qubrusi ( Larnaca, April 21, 1922 – Nicosia, May 7, 2014 ) was (one of the) Grand Masters of the Tariqa Naqshbandi-Haqqani-Mujaddidi-Khalidi , more commonly known as Tariqa Naqshbandi-Haqqani, Grandmaster successor Abd Allah al- Faiz al- Daghestani.


Descendant of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, resident in Cyprus, but his followers live in such remote areas together as the United States, Canada, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Lebanon, Pakistan , Germany, England , France, Spain ,South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

He has traveled extensively all Islamic lands and much of the West to spread the message of Islam as the Sufi understanding. 

No author of any book written, although several of his speeches have been compiled by his followers in some books. 

Murids: Followers

His murids, ie people who have joined him, claim to have seen or known of many signs, signs or karamats (miracles ) connected to it that would indicate his understanding that Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, as it is called , is a great wali of Allah (friend of God) of this era, in fact, the Pole of Saints of God in this age, that is, someone who has overcome his ego and has surrendered to God and remains at all times Divine Presence, shelter and as a follower of the last of the Prophets, his ancestor, Muhammad the Prophet of Islam. Among such signs in the know dreams even before physically known or dream you along with the Prophet of Islam has many opportunities. Several murids have perceived, at times of particular consciousness at meetings of dhikr or Remembrance of God that must periodically in tariqa , Mawlana various manifestations of light , as he is called , or his special blessing that serves to bring hearts by the path of submission and surrender to God. 

Recognition from Sufi leaders

It has been recognized by other shaykhs and leaders of tasawwuf also known in the West, such as Sidi Mustafa ibn Basir ad – Darqawi , Shaykh Muhammad al Alawi al Maliki al-Habib Ali al Jifri , Nuh Ha Mim Keller, Hamza Yusuf , among others. In his travels in the East , he has been received with open arms by many Sufi shaykhs of such lands . 

‘Salafism’ and ‘Wahhabism’

It has been the subject of intense and heated debate particularly known for his opposition to Islamic reformism under Wahhabism or Salafism and deobandism forms. Charges such movements of relatively recent origin in the history of Islam, generating tensions, hatred, suffering and hatred as the paradigmatic case of so-called ‘Islamic terrorism ‘. 


Belongs to the line of Islamic Sufism which traditionally holds the whole track haqiqa (internal spiritual realities) and sharia ( law established by Islam ) .

His teachings range from various aspects of the reform of the human being , putting great emphasis on the purification of character, and in maintaining adab or perfect form of behavior in every circumstance, to contemporary social and political teachings on various aspects or conditions of the current educational system. 

Views on the Caliphate

He is known for his defense of the Caliphate as a traditional form of government for Muslims, as opposed to the current division of the Islamic world in different countries with nationalist governments . 

Shaykh Nazim teaches that the Ottoman Caliphate, the last caliphate of Muslims, played a key role in preserving peace in the Middle East and the fall of the Caliphate, which is only a temporary recess, has brought disunity, conflicts and endless serious problems in the Middle East and Muslims in general. It states that the Caliphate belongs to the sunnah, ie , is a form of government divinely approved modeled directly in the government of Islam who served the Prophet Muhammad , the Prophet of Islam, and his first four successors in the government of the Muslims or Califas straight, a form of government very different from democracy, which comes to the Islamic world as an import contrary to the teachings of the Prophet and the West , he argues, is a political tool that serves the ego of men, being fundamental support for acts of rebellion against the authority of God over his servants humans. 

Use ‘Gold for Currency’

Shaykh Nazim also teaches that the global economy, founded on paper money, is contrary to the revealed teachings of the Prophet of Islam economy and global banking is an institution of tyranny against the people, protected by world leaders who turned their backs on the sacred laws . Condemns both capitalism and communism as forms of tyranny and oppression against the peoples . 

Definition of  ‘Freedom’

Report contemporary Western understanding of the term ‘freedom’ as an ideological instrument that was created to overthrow the divinely established boundaries of the sacred law, in order to generate a mass of chaos and problems before mankind knew no on this measure . He argues that secular and anti-religious way of understanding freedom is basically slavery , the slavery of the XX and XXI centuries) , loved their egos. Real freedom , he says, is to exercise the power of the will to dominate the ego and thus give space to the spirit, which always yearns for Divine Presence. The Kingdoms of God in His Divine Presence, he says, are our true homeland. ” We here are but a mere reflection of the realities of our spirit in the Divine Presence. We must find the way back.” 

Views on Democracy

Also denounces the democratic ideological understanding of the term ‘ equality ‘ in the West, as a way to ‘ meet down ‘ to human beings and to eliminate the natural differences between men bringing greater or lesser nobility of spirit. He says the nobility of spirit lies in the degree of submission and surrender to God that you may have that once, when people showed their respects to pure servants of God and the authorities straight – which, as in the Ottoman Caliphate, were themselves disciples of such servants -the society showed an order allowing populations adequately maintain their connection to their Creator. 

Defense of Ottoman Monarchy

His strong defense of traditional Islamic legacy and memory of the Ottoman Caliphate as a recent model and blessed of running a true Islamic and universal government won him early on various feuds in the Turkish secular government, to the point that was put on a youth prison for refusing to give the call to prayer of the Muslims (adhan or azan ) in Turkish, as required by the government at that time, and do it in Arabic, as required by the religion of Islam. For over eighty years, the Turkish government still insists on putting legal obstacles , having forbidden to give the khutbah (speech of the previous Friday communal prayer of the Muslims) in the Turkish part of Cyprus where Shaykh Nazim resides.

Charismatic Leader

Shaykh Nazim is known for his intense charisma and sympathy and love which generates among many people for his affable nature and by its openness to all kinds of people as well as for his good humor which exercises frequently to convey teachings and which does not not, however , that at times show the way to its full rejection lightning and great sorrow and anger at the current condition of rebellion against God and forgetting the spirit of slavery to materialism, most living humans. 

Guests from Around the World

He has held visiting members of the different religions and denounces religious, racial, national or any other hatred , not to invite, in very different ways , to people to freely follow their own thoughts , understand the message Islam , which is careful to differentiate versions of the wahabis , Salafis or Deobandis – and accept that path . In his travels in Spain , for example , went to visit some Buddhist monks, exposing Islamic spirituality or Sufism , and the end of the journey some monks accepted Islam. 

Shaykh Nazim has been announced for several years now that the times in which we live are the times foretold by the Prophet of Islam.


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