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Shaykh Nazim Hospitalized in ICU early this Morning-“Health Stabalizing” Sh. Baha al-Din

New headline in the Rahnuma-e-Deccan Urdu daily, Hyderabad's oldest daily.  "Prayers sought for Shaykh Nazim's health"

April 19th, 2014-News headline in the Rahnuma-e-Deccan Urdu daily, Hyderabad’s oldest daily. “Prayers sought for Mawlana Sayyid Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani’s health”

*Update Friday Evening*
Update from Cyprus-Mawlana’s eldest son, and grandson, as-Sayyid, Shaykh el-Islam Shaykh Mehmet and Mehmet Nazim came home for a change of clothes. They will return to Mawlana’s bedside soon. By the intercession of the Prophet (S), Mawlana’s health has and is improving drastically now. Doctors are focusing on treating the lung infection, and he is responding well to the treatment. His family is preparing to keep him in the hospital for a few more days under observation, and rest. Every hour, doctors allow one of the grandchildren to go inside to be with Mawlana, their beloved grandfather. This is having a good effect on his health, and more of the grandchildren are arriving from around the world to see him. There is no permission for non family members to be at hospital. People are arriving in Lefke from all over the world, and Lefke is full of love of Shaykh Nazim.

*Update*Friday Early Afternoon:
Shaykh Bahauddin: “Alhamdulillah Mawlana Shaykh Nazim is doing better with the baraka of the dua of all mureeds. Please continue making dua and in-sha-Allah he will continue improving and be given long life to see Sayyidina al-Mahdi. Fatiha.” Then Sh. Mehmet said, “recite Surah Yaseen for Mawlana Shaykh’s health”.
Friday, Early Morning:
Mawlana Shaykh Nazim was rushed to the Cengiz Topel Hospital this morning and later transferred to Intesive Care Unit (ICU) of the Near-East University Hospital in Lefkosa (Nicosia) after suffering ill health. Chest X-rays indicated water in lungs, and Shaykh remained unconscious throughout. According to a press statement by Dr. Sevim Erkmen to the Turkish Agency Cyprus (TAK), Shaykh Nazim is receiving the necessary treatment but still remains in a serious condition. Shaykh Hisham and Hajjah Nazihah are leaving tonight arriving tomorrow night in Cyprus and Shaykh Hisham has given a general permission to all anyone who wants to visit Cyprus.


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