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His Exalted Highness Sayyid Hussein bin Ali, King of the Arabs, King of the Hijaz: First Arab-Hashemite Caliph Since 1258

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Former Canadian Minister of National Defence Hon. Paul Hellyer Testimony: “Aliens Visiting Earth for Thousand’s of Years, Working With US Government”

“When the Mahdi (alaihi salam) comes, he will bring so many new people with him who will be coming from around (beyond) this earth. There are so many unknown worlds … Continue reading

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Alien Civilizations & the Holy Prophet (S) on the Night of al-Isra wal-Mi’raj

“…two cities are situated in darkness and contiguous to the Mountain Qaf….(its inhabitants) do not even know Adam…They know not that Allah has created the sun and the moon…light come to … Continue reading

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