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Al Azamat: Greatness By Mawlana Shaykh Nazim-April 19th, 2013

Shah Mardan’s Bounteous Table

…Welcome to you, in the assembly of Shah Mardan…As salamu alaikum! O attenders, sitting at Shah Mardan’s bounteous table, observing Shah Mardan’s bravery, learning about it, asking for a portion of his light.  He who takes a portion from his light,  does not take light from other ways.  A human being without light is like a pitch black piece of coal; the only thing it is good for is to burn in fire…

The Sultan of True Men: Shah Mardan

…let’s listen to Shah Mardan, O beloved brethren,  beloved friends of Shah Mardan.  Enter the assembly of the spiritual Sultans.  Welcome, let’s say, “As salamu alaikum“! Oh beloved brethren of Shah Mardan.  The Sultan of the domain of true men is Shah Mardan.  How delightful it is to sit in his assembly, to share in his exploits, in his marvelous works and righteous traits.  He has appeared, Shah Mardan has appeared, mashAllah.  Bring him here into our gathering.  Bring him here!  Come let’s listen to what he will be made to say, what he is ordered to proclaim!


While mentioning the Owner of the City of Knowledge, the Leader of all Creation, the Pride of the Universe, the Beloved of the Lord of the Two Worlds-Huu-I would like to stand up every time his blessed name is mentioned, if it were not for my weakness.   He provides training, teaching the ways of goodness in his court; Shah Mardan.

He (Shah Mardan) is waiting at the training grounds (Maydan), after performing the morning prayers, if you can sit somewhere till sunrise, or if you do not have that much time, be it in a coffee shop, at a shrine, at a Tekke (lodge) or a caravansary, be ready! Don’t go to sleep (at this time), and behold the majestic greatness of your Lord.  Let them (Shah Mardan and the Owner of the City of Knowledge) teach you the Majestic Greatness of the Exalted, the Most High!  Let’s say, “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem“.  Thanks to our Gracious Protector for letting us mention His Exalted Name, it is an honor granted to the Nation of Muhammad (S)

O Shah Mardan, our distinguished Master Sayyidina ‘Ali Effendi, Eh Glorious Sultan, Shah Mardan, mashAllah!

A New Invention

Everyday, these newspapers write, ‘this person is such and such, that person is somebody, this one solves problems, that one ruins things’, foolishly spreading all these things.  All of it has no value, the greatness awarded by newspapers has no value my son.  In the old days, there were no such things called newspaper.  It is a new invention, as they say.  In the old days these papers did not exist.  What do they need them for now?


Look what Shah Mardan teaches!  Why did they invent newspapers?  To present false greatness to people.  Goodness! You are all fake.  At your core is filth and your body is nothing but dirt.  Your personality is only filth.  Your greatness is all over the papers, printed by newspapers.  The papers ‘greatness’ is not even worth ten cents, it expires today, tomorrow it is torn up and thrown away.  Real greatness is sent down for true servants from heavens.  But fake greatness is found in the papers.  With plenty of pictures, titles, and pompous display.  When you look closely, they do not resemble anything.

Al Azamat: Greatness 

Pardon me, but he looks like nothing that French President, and I don’t want to talk about ours, they might get offended.  Ours has lost all greatness, what greatness is there left?  One can say Sultan Hamid possessed greatness, but the greatness of those who were awarded greatness by newspapers…do you understand this point?  The greatness of the 21st century, from where do its great personalities receive their greatness?  The newspapers award them their greatness.  Big fat pictures in the papers, “well, he went there. Oh, he came here, and he did this, he did that”.  But in reality, the one being called great in the papers is not great at all.

The Value of Print Media

As far as the greatness found in newspapers is concerned, I am speaking off the record, if you cannot find toilet paper, you may use that paper for taharat.  Who’s photograph is on it? Whoever’s picture it may be, that is their position.  Shame on you!  This is a mankind who has lost its humanness. They are beyond any description, beyond words, outside of humanity.

O Shah Mardan, may peace and blessings be upon you coming from your beloved, Muhammad al-Mustafa (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam).  How beautiful, how beautiful.  They can’t distinguish anymore between beauty and ugliness, those people given greatness by the papers have become full of conceit.

Big Fat Pictures

Everyday, the papers print those big fat pictures.  “This is so and so.”  Let’s see, how does he look? Just like us.  Maybe he has two heads? No.  Maybe he has four feet…whatever he finds, he eats without distinction.  They are people who do not differ between halal and haram, so how can he be great?  The people have cheered him, and said, this is our leader.  The papers have made him great, printed his picture.  So he became a great man…he is very stupid.


Some people who are short, wear especially high heeled shoes to appear taller than they are.  In our days, all those who are considered great by the newspapers, belong to those kind of people putting high heels under their shoes.  These are the people who rule the world.  Absolutely blind! They are unable to control themselves, how can they reign over the world?  This is how it is over there. This is the French one.  (They say), “Well, we are Turks, we run around barefoot anyway, our shoes are falling apart, we possess nothing, that is why we receive no attention.”

Al Azamatulillah

Al Azamatulillah!  Our Master (S), did he have his picture printed in the newspapers?  He ordered, “Do not portray me, I do not want greatness by being depicted”.  O Glorious Messenger! None of the Sultans ordered to be portrayed, so that people can see.  They were not interested.  It was the Europeans who had their pictures taken.  Those men awarded greatness by newspapers.  One of them was called Napoleon.  What happened to Napoleon? He was a great man, they say.  The man ending the Middle Ages, bringing a new age.  How tall was he? He was about a meter and a half.   He was a source of  great affliction.  What did he do? He murdered the king.  But cutting someone’s head does not make a man great…

Al Azamtullah: Asaf Jahi flag of Hyderabad State.

Al Azamatulillah: Asaf Jahi flag of Hyderabad State.

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