Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin

Researcher of Political Science & Classical Islam. Initiated by the Khwajagan i-Naqshband.

Regarding Adab: Edeb Ya Hu! By Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin


Muhammad is Mercy.  Mercy is Muhammad.  Hence, Islam is mercy, and anything outside mercy is not Islam.  We shall now talk about adab.  Everywhere you look among Sufis, you read, Edeb Ya Hu!

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.
Destur Ya Shah Mardan, Haydar ul-Karrar!
Allah.  As salamu laikum.

After sending praise to al-Ilah, to Allah, and salutations to His Messenger (S), and to Shah Mardan, I begin in Allah’s Name, from which everything came into existence.  All vibrations which led to creation stemmed from His Hidden and Most Glorious Name!

Regarding adab, you should know, what matters is not what happens, but why (it happened).  Mawlana said, taught, adab is learned from the spiritual company of Shah Mardan.  If we follow the adab of life, everything flows.  If we break adab, it becomes otherwise.  If the adab of each meeting, and transaction of life is followed, we become safe, and under Divine protection, or control of Shah Mardan.  If, or when a person breaks the adab, he is losing the blessed company, or companionship of Shah Mardan, losing the companionship of the living Muhammad (S), and hence lost from Divine protection.  Muhammad (S) is hayyun, la ya mut.

When a person breaks certain adab of meetings, for example he meets the open enemies of Islam with peace, without trying to restrain them spiritually, or guide them, or if he meets a stranger (non-mahram) in solitude, or meets with criminals, thieves, bandits, or the people of bid’ah (innovators), open sinners, among others, he loses this companionship.  Shah Mardan and his reach leaves him for the time, or during the entire duration of that meeting, until he returns to his senses. Thereafter, Shah Mardan, and the companionship returns.  Therefore, to avoid Shah Mardan leaving, and the loss of such a companionship, and if he leaves us, it is turning away from Dhikr, and hence a devil is appointed for the meeting, to lead them astray.  It is now dangerous.  All forbidden acts stem from breaking of adab. This also applies to society, and not just spiritual laws.  If we keep the adab of each meeting, they remain with us, and we are protected by their companionship. When you break adab, they leave you, and a devil is appointed over you, for their leaving you is your turning away from Dhikr, and the Quran says, ‘He who turns away from Our Dhikr, we shall appoint over him a devil’.

Know, the forbidden acts can even be reward-able, because of choices he made. If you could understand from this what I am saying, you did, if you could not, you cannot.

Know, the sin then, and the crime, is rooted in the breaking of the adab of the meeting, and nothing else.  When the adab is kept, one is under Divine protection and becomes saved from these forbidden vices by virtue of the companionship of Shah Mardan, the living Muhammad (S), and Divine protection.  If he breaks the adab, they leave, and he is led astray by his devil, because he left their companionship, he turned away from the companionship of Shah Mardan.  What matters is not what happens, but why (it happened).

Wa minallahi tawfiq.  Fatiha.

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