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Our Master Hz. Ali Shah Mardan: The Walking Castle By Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil-March 24th, 2013

“Love is the honor of a human being. Anyone, without love and respect to Shah Mardan is a dry log. Useless.-Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, March 24th, 2013

Meded Ya Awliyas. Alhamdulillahillezi ahyana Ba’da Ma Amatana wa Ilyyhi n nushur. Thanks to Allah, who woke us up from our sleep. As salamu Alaikum yaran Shah Mardan. How nice. How nice.  Oooh the Shah of the Maydan/ battle field, Shah Mardan. The Sultan of the arena of brave ones, Shah Mardan. Sayyidina Ali Ibn Abi Talib, he is the son of Our Master’s uncle. Walking Castle. He is the  walking castle. The castle, that doesn’t collapse. Nobody can stand in front of Shah Mardan.

First of all we send salatu salam to Our Master; Praise be to our Lord, He sent us… His Beloved. And son of The Beloved’s uncle, Shah Mardan. They told me today “The Walking Castle”, our Master Hz. Ali Shah Mardan. The Walking Castle. Allah Allah. What a beautiful name.

Shah Mardan’s Intercession

Marhaban Ya yaran Shah Mardan. Let’s say Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. May our assembly be blessed and filled with light. And all of you with Shah Mardan’s intercession, the uncle’s son of Sultanul  Kawnayn, Master of the Universe, Hz. Rasul (saw). We stand under his banner. His banner covers East and West. Rasulu Kibriya Sultanul Anbiya, his banner covers east and West, and beyond that. They   call it a flag. There’s a difference between flag & banner. Anbiyas have banners.  There’s a starboard on banner; Liwa l Hamd. It’s the starboard of Allah’s Beloved. Liwa l Hamd.  Whoever stands under that, is saved from the wrath of Allah, finds peace. Whoever doesn’t stand under that flag, it’s very difficult for him. So difficult. Demons pull them and throw them away. The ones, who aren’t under Liwa l Hamd they are going to be picked off by demons and thrown to hell.

We Take Power

Lets say Bismillahir rahmanir rahim, our love and enthusiasm increases. We take power. Abdun daif; I am a weak servant. “Our tariqa is the way of suhbah, friendly chat”. They say so, so let’s say what  they make us say. How nice. We woke up. There’s someone, who wakes us up. We said, Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. Leave the doors of this world.

The Key

The key that will open the doors of Heaven and  Angels, the key that will open the doors of Mercy is Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. Don’t forget! Oh yaran, Shah Mardan. What a beautiful name, oh my friends, the ones who love Shah Mardan because he is the lion to be loved. The Rasul knows his secret. Nobody knows the secret of Rasul. Rasul knows; he knows the secrets of his ashab. He knows the secret of his uncle’s son, Shah Mardan. That’s why in whichever assembly you sit, oh the ones loved by Shah Mardan, the ones who love Shah Mardan, “Al mar-u ma’a man ahabba“, a person is with the one he loves. Lions go with lion. Cats can’t go. Foxes can’t go, wolves can’t go. Their lion nature is exceptional.

Special Attributes

Among people, it is Shah Mardan who is dressed with special attributes; Ali Ibn Abi Talib (ra), the conqueror of the Khaybar Castle. If there were a thousand  Khaybar Castles, with one of Shah Mardan’s roars they would collapse and turn into a heap of stone.

We Love Shah Mardan

He honored us by him Janab al Mawla for the sake of the Beloved.Thanks to Allah. We love Shah Mardan, bravery comes from him. He has the attribute of lions. Oh drunk people! Know that Allah’s Lion is Shah Mardan, he is the lion of the arenas. Tell his story, hear, listen! May love & enthusiasm come to you. Anyone, without love is a dry log, a dry tree; a dry tree that doesn’t bloom. Now its spring time, Nawruz. The first day of spring. It’s these holy days when trees awaken, and the water of life runs inside.

Those Without Love and Respect to Shah Mardan Are Useless

Just like that, that lion’s, Shah Mardan’s, words and his love runs from our heart to give our bodies strength. We’re full of love & enthusiasm. Anyone, not finding love or enthusiasm is a dry tree. Or after it dries, it’s been cut and shaped into wood. Without love a person is a log.

Love is the honor of a human being. Anyone, without love and respect to Shah Mardan is a dry log. Useless. Allah Allah.

Love for Shah Mardan

Marhaba oh the friends of Shah Mardan. Pray in the morning and sit in the suhbah. Listen to suhbah until Israq. In dargahs, takkas, tombs in masjids, in mosques the believers are present until sunrise. They used to listen to Shah Mardan’s suhbah. They listened to his suhbah, heard good news. ‚ “Al mar-u ma’a man ahabba”.  Because they listened, their hearts were filled with love… love for Shah Mardan. No sadness left. No distress. Their hearts open, they are relieved.

Let’s Say Oh Shah Mardan

What a good start of the day, with Shah Mardan. We wish we lived in his time and served as his horse’s feet. What a good service. Let’s say oh Shah Mardan, Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. Don’t forget! Say  this. He used to rule people and jinn. The ones, who ruled Men & Jinn sat on the throne with Bismillah. They used to stand up with Takbeer. Holy ones. Take the burden on us by mentioning their names; the burden is lifted from us. Takes away distress, no sorrow left. They are relieved. The skies have doors of relief that open and from them descend a relief to body and heart.

Nur Given By Shah Mardan

Now it’s full of hospitals everywhere. Diseases fill the earth. Why? Nobody is taking from that Nur  (light). Nobody is taking the Nur given by Shah Mardan. For this reason people are sick  both physically and spiritually. They are on zero level. Shaitan covers them with a black coat, a black coat. Shaitan throws on them, that black robe, squeezes, squeezes them. They leave the house, saying poof poof. They go to the office, in distress. They look for someone to fight. They aren’t at ease. They don’t know what to do. Say oh Shah Mardan, give us from your Nur(light). We take care of your horse’s shoe. I don’t want that he says. My horse, that I ride has angels taking care of its feet. Duldul (his horse) with one spur, took him up to the skies. Shah Mardan has that much power. Duldul that he rides, if he hits like that, it takes him from East to West. If it’s on the ground, it takes him up in the sky. That much power.

The Religion of Shah Mardan

Our religion is Islam. It’s the religion of truth and… the religion of Shah Mardan, son of Rasul’s uncle. What he brings us from Janabu Rabbul Izzet as a present is the dress of nur( light). Oh Allah dress us  with light. Oh Our Lord dress us with the dress of relief, dress of faith, dress of strength, dress of Majesty, so we may be seen. Oh our Lord I want. It comes to Shah Mardan. Say Shah Mardan. May you be dressed with the dress of well being, the dress of relief, dress of joy, dress of majesty, dress of familiarity. You won’t need makeup. Everyday your beauty will be refreshed. Yet mindless women try to look pretty by makeup. It’s worthless. Sit in the assembly of Shah Mardan, see how your face becomes beautiful.

Man’s Mane is His Beard

We sit in his assembly, we say Allah’s Name first, it’s obligatory for a servant Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. See how your face shines. Anyone, who doesn’t say Allah, his face turns into a monster. Men shave their faces. “Man tashabbaha bi qawmin fa huwa minhum” Whoever he imitates, he is from  them. Allah said to men: the male lion has a mane. Man’s mane is his beard. That gives majesty. If you shave it once in the morning, once in the evening there’s no light on your face, no majesty, no beauty. He wears the dress of ugliness.

Mankind is Beautiful

Think of yourself oh Children of Adam! Oh Children of Adam! Allah created mankind to be the most beautiful. There’s no other creation, that can immitate mankind. Mankind is beautiful. Allah created us beautiful. Wa khalaqal-insan. “Ar-Rahman. ‘Allamal-Qur’an. Khalaqal-Insan. ‘Allamahul-bayan” Rabbul Izzat Rabb created mankind. What our Lord created contains beauty and light. There’s majesty, relief.

They Become Ugly

People nowadays don’t know, don’t listen. When they don’t listen, they become ugly. He becomes  uglier day by day; tries to be beautiful but becomes ugly. When they are young, they are like a young tree. Then they eat, drink and become very fat. Men and women become strange because their  attributes turn into those of animals. Who doesn’t know his Lord, his body takes strange shapes. They start walking in a strange way. When they use makeup they become uglier.

The Sultan of Heavens and Earth: Shah Mardan

Say Allah! Shah Mardan don’t deprive us of your suhbah. The Sultan of heavens and earth Shah  Mardan. Look at them. Don’t sit and watch Shaitan’s cupboard! Don’t follow fashion, trying to imitate them. It makes you uglier and also makes you stink. When they are old, they become both ugly and a bad smell comes from them. That’s why a handful of lotion, lotion; when he puts it on, he smells worse. When they try to beautify, they become uglier.

Search for Spiritual Beauty

Search for the spiritual beauty, so that it covers your physicality as well; they say MashaAllah when they see you, he has light, how beautiful. Oh Ladies, show your beauty… only to your family and to halal (permitted) ones. Don’t dress up to show to other people. It isn’t a good attribute. It makes you uglier. That’s why our grandmothers, mothers they used to cover themselves. When they lifted their veils like the moon, altough 80 years old. Now, there’s nothing left to show. They get uglier, uglier.  They got older, older. They lost the beauty of mankind. When trying to beautify, they become uglier.

Beauty Descends From Heavens

Beauty descends from heavens, does not come from the earth. Ladies! Search for the beauty from heavens. It’s not with powders  in this world, not with lotions. Beauty descends from  heavens. If you want to be beautiful, look good, search for it from heavens. You can’t be beautiful with paints, with powders.

And day by day they get uglier. Why? They eat in a strange way. They are insatiable. Not tired, they want to eat all the time. As they eat, they get fatter, uglier. Say Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. And the beautiful dress Allah will dress you with makes your body, your face look like an angel. Show your  angel like face to the halal ones. Don’t show it to the haram ones. If a haram one looks to a haram woman or if a woman makes him look, that man’s ugliness comes on her.

Retain Your Beauty 

For this reason who work in offices are ugly. In fact they aren’t ugly, but they become ugly because of men’s looking. Shah Mardan, send us the ones with Nur (light) who will teach us the right ways. Our minds open. We know why we were created. Why are we created? For doing what? Who created us? For what? Ask this. Know this – you don’t need powder or blusher or lotion. You don’t need anything. Know this. If you know, you won’t be among men. You won’t be among men. Because men’s gaze decreases your beauty. You’re left, you look ugly. Don’t stay among men! Don’t work in offices. Don’t sit with men. When we say men, we mean don’t meet haram ones. They decrease, steal your beauty. Take care of yourself.

Hide Your Beauty 

The lovers of Shah Mardan – He gives us such beautiful advice. You won’t get sick, won’t be in distress, won’t suffer. You keep your beauty. When they lay you down, when you’re dead, they look into your face, it’s clean. Spending time with men, the nur (light) of woman is taken. Don’t sit. Keep yourself.  Hide it, so that divine beauty descends upon you. When you are 90, 100 you look clean. Be friendly.

Let’s Go to a Mosque

These days are strange days. People follow Shaitan. They left their Lord’s way. That’s why generations  became ugly. Their minds are strange. They turned into a horde, not knowing what to do. Our youngsters, they messed it up. They play football. They don’t say, pray they say, let’s go to play. They don’t say lets go to the mosque. No benefit for them. No benefit for them. Because what they eat is not halal. Even if you serve the best food, without Basmala there’s no taste.

Allah Wants You to Have Majesty

Let’s change. Let’s change. Friends, lovers who listen to Shah Mardan, follow the right way as much as you can. What if you ride a horse, instead of driving a car? There’s majesty in riding a horse. Driving a  car there’s no majesty. What majesty does it have? There are 2, 3 times more cars than people. No  taste. This fashion, its useless. But men riding a horse, they have majesty.

Allah wants us to have majesty. My servant should have majesty says Janabul Haqq. Not disgrace.  When they see My servant, they tremble; they are astonished. From his looks, from his majesty they tremble. I won’t make him needy says Allah. Throw away the cars. Keep a horse, Arab horse, British horse. Ride on them. Come and go. Don’t sleep. Nice, nice.

A Camel Passed Through a Sieve 

Oh Shah Mardan. How beautiful are Shah Mardan’s advices. Read! Learn! Listen! So many things came and pass. They said like that. “Things come and go. A camel carrying coal, passed through a sieve”. Our Grand Sheikh used to say. Things come and go. A camel loaded with coal, passed through a sieve. Did it pass through the sieve? It passed. They passed, finished. How beautiful is Shah Mardan’s Sohbah? We have lots of stories. Wake up, wake up.


They celebrated Nawruz. Women sit on men’s laps. This is neither Turkish tradition, nor Kurdish; This is an evil tradition. It’s not Islamic tradition. It’s not our ancestors’ tradition. There are countless fake things. That’s why they are all in trouble. They all have grief. Oh Our Lord, we are afraid of Your grief,  the manifestation of grief. They throw a bomb, they destroy everything.

No house, no children, no family, no women, no men are left. Allah doesn’t accept this. But people think they have the right. For this reason He leaves them. “Wa la taqtulu anfusakum” Janabul Haqq orders “Don’t Kill”. Where is the Human or his equivalents? Don’t kill.

From Shah Mardan’s Clean Descendants

Oh Our Lord, send us someone from Shah Mardan’s clean descendants. I see that there is a Sultan in Jordan, a Sultan, who is a descendant of the Prophet(saw), a Sultan with majesty – Malik Abdullah they say. He is above all. May Allah increase His Majesty. May His enemies not reach Ramadan. They should tumble down, disappear. Allahu Allah. All mischief is from shaitan, shaitan wants to extinguish Islam. But that Sultan will extinguish shaitan’s stove.

They Are Scared of Ottomans

Also the Sultans of our honorable ancestors, they are the ones, who will put this world in order. Without their majesty, people aren’t afraid of anything.  They are scared of Ottomans. Why Ottomans? Because Ottomans hold… the banner of the Prophet.  They hid that banner for 100 years. They are left without any value. Now they take money from someone, arms from that one, food from there, debts from here. Who puts people in this situation they will grieve in their graves.

Say Bismillahir rahmanir rahim and don’t be afraid. The Banner of Islam. 700 years Ottomans, 300  years Sufid. 1000 years they carried the Banner of Islam. Why did they go to Europe? To say Allahu Akbar. Did they say? He cited Gulbanki Muhammed. This will come. Now, what they built is without constitution, rotten. The material they use is worthless. It will fall on their heads.

Run to Allah, the Prophet (S) and Shah Mardan 

Run away, otherwise it will fall on your head. To where? To Allah, to the Prophet, to Shah Mardan, to the Sultans. They will keep an eye on you with their majesty, Allah willing. With our Master’s Mercy, shafaat, with the sword of Shah Mardan. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La Ilaha llla Llahu Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa liLlahi l hamd.

Divine Relief

Our Lord send us the Banner of Islam. For today we agree on this much. May Allah give our hearts  relief. Give our bodies strength. Dress us with the dress of majesty. Amin amin wa Salamun Ala l Mursalin, Khususan Ala Sayyida l Mursalin Wal Hamdulillahi l Rabbil Alamin. 

Salams to Shah Mardan. Salams to those, who love him. Fatiha. Isma’u veu feiza vaitum fentefihu.  Don’t make up. Don’t listen to radio or tv. Listen to the words of Haqq – your honor increases. Pray for us for Allah’s sake. We are weak but with the blessings of your prayers, we are given strength. May Allah forgive our sins.

Armies Descend From Heavens

Say at least 70 Astaghfirullah everyday. Send salatu salams 70 times. Say 70 times La Ilaha Illa Llah. Don’t be afraid. Armies descend who will defeat the oppressors. Armies descend from heavens. There is a verse about the Musawwimin: Angels descended on the day of Badr. Angels descended at Hunayn. Angels descended in all wars, all with crowns on their heads. Put on the crown of Islam.  Don’t go out with your head uncovered. May come to you strength.

Asakiri Mansure-i Muhammediyye

Because these are the days of revenge. I don’t know what happens until Rajabu l Sharif. But for those without the crown of Islam, there’s fear. We are the victorious armies of Muhammad (sas). That’s the name of our great ancestors: Victorious armies of Muhammad. Persians they called their armies, they had armies called, Emiran Dashkari yezzan. The name of their soldiers. Emiran Dashkari yezzan. Ottoman’s army is Asakiri Mansure-i Muhammediyye. Asakiri  Mansure-i Muhammediyye, always victorious army. Our Prophet’s soldiers, it’s the Banner of Islam.

Wa min Allahu Tawfiq Fatiha.

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