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Haydarul Karrar Hz. Ali Karram Allahu Wajahu By Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Qubrusi March 16th, 2013

“The ones who mention Shah Mardan’s name, but have no respect for him, they are unbelievers.  Who don’t love him, the ones, in this world or the ones in heavens don’t want them. Shah Mardan, the owner of the sword Dhu l-Fiqar…We have that power, we are saying the power of Shah Mardan. Let’s say Shah Mardan, the Shah, Sultan of brave ones. Let’s mention his name, so that power also comes to us-Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, March 16th, 2013

Transcript/Translation:  May the blessings of today appear. Assalamu Alaikum ey yaran. Yaranu Habib. MashAllah. Yaran. Haydar-i Karrar.  We take honor Shah Mardan, let’s say his beautiful name, take honor. Haydarul Kerrar is it? Alayhis Salam may he intercede for us, in the presence of Rasul.

Haydarul Karrar, Hz. Ali Karram Allahu Wajahu. Dastur ya Rijalullah.

The Ones Who Love Hz. Ali

What can we do? Let’s send each other salams. Assalamu Alaikum. How nice. How nice, this is a friendly chat. To relieve the believers, our way is the way of friendly chat. We take honor. Marhaba ya yaran-i Mardan. The ones, who are loved by Shah Mardan, marhaba. The ones, who love Hz. Ali their beliefs are strong. Their hearts are relieved. Their bodies are like steel, iron. Mubarak. If he kicks this world he throws it away. He has that much power. Hz. Ali, Shah Mardan’s power. They have a football. In fact if Shah Mardan appears and kicks the world from its center, he takes the world out of its orbit and throws it away.


The ones who mention Shah Mardan’s name, but have no respect for him, they are unbelievers.  Who don’t love him, the ones, in this world or the ones in heavens don’t want them. Shah Mardan, the owner of the sword Dhu l-Fiqar. If he brandishes his sword from East to West, because of his karamah, unbelievers’ heads will fall down. We have that power, we are saying the power of Shah Mardan. Let’s say Shah Mardan, the Shah, Sultan of brave ones. Let’s mention his name, so that power also comes to us. Honor comes, may we wear the dress of honor. Wear the dress of endearment, of faith, of  relief.

Who Do We Imitate?

Masha’Allah. Who do we imitate? We imitate Shah Mardan Haydari Karrar. Marhaba, welcome. O friends! The ones, who know and respect the way of Shah Mardan. The ones, who love him are his friends. A person is with the one he loves. The ones, who love Shah Mardan will be under his flag. Yawmun Mahshar, on the Day of Judgement. We also say we are the slaves of Shah Mardan. He is our Sultan. His words are jewels. Let’s listen. With his love, we came together here. We will be honored from his jewels. When you go to the door of a Sultan, you don’t come back empty handed.

Bismillahir rahmanir rahim

Our holy Shah Mardan says; “Whoever doesn’t start with Basmala his actions are useless, worthless.” It collapses. A lasting foundation is with what? Wa Bada’tu Bi Bismillah. I start with Bismillah. Start, don’t fear. Masha’Allah. That’s why Bismillahir rahmanir rahim opens every door. Bismillahir rahmanir rahim gives mankind all degrees. Whoever holds a sword in his hand, when he says Bismillahir rahmanir rahim his sword takes the head of unbelievers. Beware!

O friend, marhaba. May we be in comfort. We should be in relief, because we want the friendship of Shah Mardan. May he accept us as his friend. Biz onu seviyoruz. Ona hurmet ve ikram ediyoruz. He is such a Sultan, that when somebody offers him something he offers them in return. Man lam yukrim la yukram. Is it ? If you don’t serve, you won’t be served. We call Shah Mardan’s name, we hope his honouring. Because of our honoring, that holy Sultan also gives us something in return. His reward isn’t this world. Because this world is called a carcass. He never mentions this world.

The Beloved of Allah

He wants the presence of Allah’s Beloved. The Beloved of Allah, he is the Master of the two worlds. Sayyidil Awwalin wal Akhirin, Habibu Rabbul Alamin. He is going to give us the love of Him. How are we going to present our respect for him – he’ll teach us. The first thing we’ll teach is how to honor Allah Almighty and honor His Dear Beloved. These are the words we will teach. We honor Allah Dhul Jalal, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. La Ilaha Illa Llahu llahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Wa liLlahi l hamd. This is what Haydaru Karrar said, he ordered and he ordered us to say it. It’s this  holy word. It takes us from seven layers underground to the seventh heaven. So we are saying if you want to be saved from any difficulty say Bismillahir rahmanir rahim.

Shah Mardan is the Sun of Our World

Marhaba to our guests. How nice was that meeting. There was, once upon a time, after fajr the friends, lovers of Shah Mardan, those who honor him in mosques, in dargahs, or in tombs they sat & made sohbah mentioning his name. They tasted, they drank the taste, the beauty of Islam. They found relief. He made them say Allah. Made them say Rasul Kibriya. We heard how Shah Mardan said. We bloom like roses. At nighttime the flowers are concealed. When it’s daytime, sun is rising the roses bloom. At night time they are concealed. For this reason, Shah Mardan is the sun of our world. The sun of faith and belief in our world.  When he comes out we bloom, no trouble or distress  on us. Light comes. Relief comes. We feel happy. We aren’t happy for this world. We are happy  because “Al mar’u ma’a man ahabba.” A person, will be with the one he loves. We hope that with  the love of Shah Mardan we will get together under his flag, on the Day Of Judgement. His flag stands beneath Liwa il Hamdin.

Shah Mardan. Allah Allah. Ya Rabbi give us love. May we take the love of Your beloved ones, it takes us to Your love. Their love takes us to our Jalla wa Ala’s and His  Beloved’s love. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. No distress for the ones, who love them. Not Allah, nor His Rasul (saw) gives trouble and misery. They don’t need this world. They aren’t interested in this world. The ones, who love this world they don’t have belief, love or well being. As’alu Llahi afuw wal afiya. 

Religion is Not What We Wear

There’s a tajalli (manifestation) on Laylatul Qadr, Sheikh Muhammad. This is the time of tajalli,  like the lightning, when it flashes. This tajalli comes on Laylatul Qadr. That tajalli, when that light is  seen, nothing stands up, all creation, all trees, everything prostrates; except for unaware people. Do they have this in other religions? What are other religions? “Inna d dina inda Llahil Islam.” Religion is Islam in the Presence of Allah. There’s no religion except Islam. Were all Prophets Muslims? I ask the people of Books. What will they say? All Prophets “Inna d dina IndaLlahil Islam.” What is the acceptable religion, in the Presence of Allah? It’s Islam. It’s Muslim. Muslim means the one who crushes his ego, submits to Allah’s orders. Islam is submission to Allah’s Order. Religion wants that. Religion is not what we wear. It’s about the feeling in our hearts, the feeling within us. To whom do our hearts prostrate? To Jesus, to Moses? It prostrates to who our Master prostrated?  Our Master didn’t prostrate to anyone other than Allah. For this reason, to whom does our heart prostrate? That is acceptable not what is seen. Our heart prostrates to Allah. Religion is Islam, real religion is our heart prostrating to Allah.

The Heart is the Light Given by Allah

The heart represents the human being. When we say heart, don’t think it’s a piece of meat, same size as a fist. It’s the light given by Allah Jalla wa Ala to His Beloved, Beloved to His Ashab according to their degrees, the Ashabs to the Ummah of the Beloved. It’s that light that is given. That’s Islam. Qul aslamna. Aslamna LiLlah. Say we submitted to the order of Allah. That’s what you want – Not with the dresses we wear, nor with the fake titles we’re given can we be servants. They are not servants. They are slaves of their egos.

Be in the Level of Yaran

…A few words we talk for awam-i nas. The ones, who are on the way of Shah Mardan. Shah Mardan ordered, he is the door of wisdom. “Kullimu n nasa ala qadari ukulihim” Speak to people,  according to their ability to understand. You call the cat – say pisi, it comes. If you say pisi to a dog, does he come? The language a dog understands and a cat understands are different.  The language of chickens is different. The language of horses, donkeys are different. Language of birds is also different.  Know! Learn! The light descending from heavens shines on you like the sun. Say Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. Shah Mardan have mercy on us. Let us find the ones following your way, be in the level of yaran, in the degree of friends.

Be Clean

Be clean, live clean, eat clean. dress clean, talk clean. Be clean. That’s what is asked. Allah orders “we’jalni minalmutatahhirin”.  Let us be from the clean ones, when they make ablution. Ya Rabbi let us be from the clean ones. Ya Rabb tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfirullah. Tawba astaghfirullah.  This is a short sohbah. We hope a power comes to our hearts. That power is the power of love.  When it comes, you are like a dragon. Without love, a person is like dry wood. Someone with love is like an ever blooming rose. May Allah make us from the roses, or from the ones close to roses. Bir hurmatil Habib wa bi hurmatil Fatiha. Alhamdulillah wa Shukru Lillah. Peace my son. May our day be beneficial. May our enemies perish. Yawmun jadid, rizqun jadid. A new provision comes  each day. Power comes. May Allah not make us despicable. He won’t. May we be valuable Insha’Allah. Relax, may Allah be happy with you.

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