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Mawlana Shaykh Nazim March 2013: Follow the Group and Way of Shah Mardan ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib, Be at His Service, Pay Homage to Him

Follow the group and way of Shah Mardan. Keep his direction. Be at his service. Pay homage to him. This is a way leading to paradise. Those against him are the groups of people without any group, made up by shaytan…May Allah make their faces dark. That’s why people of this age have no light in their faces. Is there light on the faces of those who forget Shah Mardan? Is there light in their hearts? Is there love in their hearts? Do they have wisdom? No, never.-Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, March 2013

Transcript/translation:  Assalamu Alaikum. How are you Haji Mehmet? Leave if you’re tired. He’s not. In the way of Allah, inshaAllah we won’t get tired. The way of Allah won’t get us tired. Way of Shaytan exhausts, crushes. This is a sohbah assembly, a friendly chat. Friendly chat. What can we do?

Salam to Shah Mardan

Our Shaykh, Sultanul Awliya used to say like that Shaykh Abdullah Dagistani Hz. “When two believers come together, they should make sohbah.” Like what? Even if he doesn’t know anything “Oh our believing follower believing brother, how are you? Shukur Alhamdulillah, we’re fine. We live with the beneficence. We thank our Lord, send salat & salam to His Messenger. We send also salam to Shah Mardan” he should say. If there’s enough time to milk two sheep if they talk, it bring closeness. Even the trees lean towards each other. So even though our meeting is short and small we hope that our Lord Jalla wa Ala for the honor of His beloved and Shah Mardan.   May forgive us and bring us together with His clean servants. “Al mar’u ma’a man ahabba.” A person is with the ones he loves. On the day of judgement who do you find? The one you love.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Today is Thursday the day before the holy Friday. The eve of Friday. Let’s start our meeting. Let us say “Bismillahir rahmanir rahim”. He says ” Anything without the Basmala is infertile.” -meaning without solution or benefit. Like a weed it grows, it has a festival for 1 month or two months, in the third month dries, turns into straw, disappears. There are also the trees. When you plant a tree, the tree grows, grows. There’s a command for it to reach a certain target. May our meeting be Shah Mardan’s honorable meeting. Shah Mardan made sohbah for Ashabi Kiram so that his honor may reach us, because Shah Mardan Hz. Ali Karram Allahu wajahu AsaduLlahi min Ghalib, our Master Hz. Ali is the undefeated lion. We remember his name because our Prophet (sas) said, “everything has a  door. I’m the city of knowledge. Ali is the doorkeeper.” All wisdom, that comes from the Prophet, comes from Shah Mardan. We say as much as we receive from Shah Mardan. For this reason, the honorable Ashab of the Honorable Nabi, the fourth of Khulafa Rashidin Shah Mardan Hz. Ali ibn Abi Talib undefeated. Always victorious. Our Master Hz. Ali Shah Mardan. Wherever he goes, he shakes, roars. He is victorious with his Dhu l Fiqar. So, we are saying let’s follow the way of the great ones.

Our Shaykh is Sultan ul-Awliya

Our Shaykh is Sultanul Awliya. He also used to say this. If there’s enough time to milk make a meeting” he said.  Milking two cows; five minutes or three minutes or seven minutes it takes that much time.  Even this much, a believer should give and take with another believer. How nice! This is good manners Shaykh Mehmet. When two believers meet, there may come a benefit. Marhaba Shah Mardan. Ali ibn Abu Talib. Shah Mardan, who shakes the ground Hz. Ali ibn Abi Talib, Radiy’Allahu Anh. Karram Allahu Wajahu Hazrat. Remember his name. He is the door of City of Knowledge. The City of Knowledge is the Prophet(sas) Nobody knows the limits of that city. Allah (swt) said: “Qul law kanal bahru idadal likalimati Rabbi. ma nafidel kalimatu Rabbi. walaw ji’na bimithlihi madadan”. The words of my Lord – if the oceans, oceans followed and they were ink, it’s not enough to write His Words. More comes afterwards.

Pre-Eternal & Eternal

In our presence Janab-u Rabbul Izzet nothing diminishes. Nothing diminishes from our treasures, never. Yet Kalimatu Rabbi, from the wisdom of Allah Almighty if He speaks, in order to write that Shaykh Mehmet “Law kanal bahru midadal likalimati Rabbi ma nafidel kalimatu Rabbi, walaw ji’na Bimithlihi madadan” . If the oceans were ink, the trees were pens they can’t finish writing. There’s a  comparison between Pre-eternal & eternal my son. Pre- eternal, eternal, amazing. “If the oceans were ink, the trees were pens.” won’t finish writing.” You have to believe. The honor of mankind is belief.  Believers have honor. Unbelievers don’t have honor.

Shah Mardan is the Head of All Tariqats

Marhaba Shah Mardan. After fajr prayer a believer, the believers either in dargahs, takkas or mosques, used to gather around a holy person and say: “let’s listen and learn something.” So, we also want to follow the way of the great ones. We get permission from Shah Mardan he is the head of all tariqahs. Shah Mardan Hz. Ali Ibn Abi Talib Karram Allahu Wajah isn’t it ? Allahu Akbarul Akbar, Allahu Akbarul Akbar. Allahu Akbarul Akbar.

So many things. How much can an ant carry? It’s either a bit, a piece of wheat, barley, or a sesame. That’s what an ant can carry. An ant can’t carry all the grain in the world. It takes according to its capacity, its ability. An ant takes its livelihood. It also hears the tasbih of the grain, which it brings.

What Makes Shaytan Flee? 

Wa in min shay’in illa yusabbihu bi hamdihi” There’s nothing that doesn’t glorify Allah (swt) . “wa in min shay’in illa yusabbihu bi hamdihi” The whole body of an unbeliever also glorifies Allah. But because of neglicence he isn’t aware of it. Every cell of us glorifies Allah. Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah Sultan Allah, there’s nothing that doesn’t say this. It makes Tahmidi tamjid. It glorifies and makes tasbih. May Allah not make us from those unaware. Negligence takes away the honor of mankind. If he loses his guard for one second, he loses honor. Shaitan also pursues him to make him forget. Wa ma insanihu illa shshaitan. Shaytan makes him forget, he says, shaitan.

What makes Shaytan flee? AudhubiLlahi min ash-shaytanir rajim. Audhu makes him flee. Also when he hears the name of Shah Mardan, he tries to find a place to escape, because if Dhu l Fiqar in Shah Mardan’s hands once falls on him, he can’t stand up again. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar.

Follow the Group and Way of Shah Mardan

The sects are truth. But there’s a group in particular, the group of Shah Mardan. There are other groups, which are made up by Shaytan.

Follow the group and way of Shah Mardan. Keep his direction. Be at his service. Pay homage to him. This is a way leading to paradise. Those against him are the groups of people without any group, made up by shaytan, unfortunately today all the world is running after shaytan’s inventions. They don’t care  about the wisdom sent by Shah Mardan, the Door of City of Knowledge. HazahumuLlah. May Allah make their faces dark. That’s why people of this age have no light in their faces. Is there light on the faces of those who forget Shah Mardan? Is there light in their hearts? Is there love in their hearts? Do they have wisdom? No, no.

Seek This Secret

Open the door. How should i open? Say, BismiLlahir rahmanir rahim. The door opens to you. How nice. Oh Shah Mardan be our witness. We said BismiLlahir rahmanir rahim, grant us. There’s no limit to your wisdom. An ant can carry small things, if he grants us in that way, he turns the world upside down. But nobody wants. When is there an aspirant? When there is endearment. The one, who loves wants. Who doesn’t love, doesn’t want. Hungry wants, who is full doesn’t want. Ignorant wants, who knows what is he going to do? People, who know are holy ones. The ones, who don’t know, they don’t seek this secret.

Friends of Shah Mardan

Oh friends! The friends of Shah Mardan, the ones, who wait for him and who carry his love and the ones who understand the honor of the Prophet, the power and majesty of Shah Mardan the ones who know and try to know. Seek. “Utlubu l ‘ilma walaw bis Sin” isn’t it? The hadith of the Prophet, from Shah Mardan. Seek wisdom. Whoever has that wisdom even in China, go, get it, he says. Because wisdom gives you honor and saves you. You’ll be Muqarramin. The ones, who are close to Allah.  When he says the ones close to Allah they are Anbiyas, Awliyas, Shah Mardan. You’ll be close to  them. Light is dressed upon you. Power is dressed, majesty is dressed. So, start Shah Mardan.  Alfu Salat Alfu Salam ala Sayyidil Awwalin wal Akhirin. Wa ala alihi wa Sahbihi ajma’in. Wa  SalamuLlah kadhalik ala Shah Mardan Hz. Ali ibn Abi Talib KarramuLlahu Wajh. May Allah make his face white.

The Jeweler Knows Jewelry

“Wa Dhakkir” Amri Llahi. “Wa Dhakkir fa inna Dh- dhikra tanfaul mu’minin” Remind he says. He didn’t write “teach.” He said “Wa dhakkir”, he didn’t say Allim. Wa Dhakkir. Quran Karim: “Wa dhakkir fa innadh- dhikra tanfaul mu’minin” Remind it says that mankind has honor. He has honor as much as he has wisdom. Animals don’t have honor, because they don’t have wisdom. The honor of mankind is how much he reveres Rabbul Izzet and Habibi Qibriya and Shah Mardan. He is given honor according to that. Take. It doesn’t decrease. One of the lovers said that way. “I searched in the assembly of knowledge, I requested. Wisdom comes last, it’s adab, it’s adab that comes first.” Take care of adab, they’ll give it to you. Not to shameless ones. The ones, who don’t respect elders or younger ones who don’t know Shah Mardan, who don’t follow the way of Sultan of Anbiya, the Beloved of Allah, nothing is given to them. They put straw in front of them. Take the straw and eat it. That’s what you know. The jeweler know jewelry.

Worthless Dirty Unbelievers

So many things. What we say, what they make us say, is not even a drop in the sea. Gives us ease, gives us power. Our distress goes, we feel relieved. We become a lion, a horse. Our Master Hz. Ali is Shah Mardan. When he roared the hearts of the un- believers in the West and East trembled. Is it  enough? How isn’t it enough? Worthless, dirty unbelievers invented a machine. East and West hears it. You say it’s enough. When I say, if our master Hz. Ali calls it reaches East and West, you are  puzzled. What is your invention? It reaches East and West. Allahu Dhul Jalal with His Divine Reverence respected Shah Mardan how can his call not reach East & West? Reaches and exceeds.

Shah Mardan Educated Countless Ones

Ooh Shah Mardan! Send us from your endearment. It’s not sent, you will search he says. It’s not sent. Seek so it will be given to you. Their door, Awliyai tahtaki babi la ya’lamahum illa Ghayri. Awliyas, who are on My way, Shah Mardan, and Him. That is the way of My Beloved. I have domes up in the sky. They don’t see each other. They all have a different attribute. La ya’lamahum illa Ghayri. Nobody knows them except Me. My Awliyas, Shah Mardan is one and only. Shah Mardan educated countless ones. Tahtaki babi, Awliyai tahtaki babi. Beneath my domes. We say domes of sky. A dome. Who can count His domes? What is revered in each dome, the ones who revere Shah Mardan, who revere the Master of the Universe , who submit to Rabbul Izzet, they know. Try to be one of those.

Listen to What Shah Mardan Says

Why do you walk on earth? Say BismiLlahir rahmanir rahim. Oh the owner of the Maydan! Ali  ibn Abu Talib, ooh Shah Mardan! Don’t set us apart from your endearment. Don’t let us leave your way.  Let us not part from your honored way. This, this, for this reason ooh friends! Listen to what Shah Mardan says. The Door of the City of Knowledge the one who is loved by the Beloved of Allah. How is Ali ibn Abi Talib? What is he going to tell you? Follow. Did Hz. Ali tell you to follow this dirty world?

You Are Neither This, Nor That

Now so many people say they are Alawi, they are this, that. What do you have? What did you take from Shah Mardan? Fighting in this sewage called dunya. I’m going to take this carcass, you are going to take that carcass. There’s nothing else you are interested in. Did Hz. Ali run after this world? You aren’t ashamed to say we are Alawi, we are Shi’a? You all run after the carcass of this world. You say we are Alawi, we are Shi’a. You are neither this, nor that.

Don’t Claim ‘We Are Shi’ite’ or ‘Alawi’, Beware!

Ya Shah Mardan. Dhul Fiqar is flaming. He will tackle the liars, the owners of meaningless claims. He took out his sword. It’s near. It’s near. Don’t play! Don’t talk nonsense! Don’t cross the border! What is our border? Servanthood. No claims other than servanthood. Say we are Abdullah. Don’t claim we are Shii or Alawi. Who are you? I’m the weak servant of Allah. What do you want? What we want is the Allah’s approval. Which way can we find it? The way of Shah Mardan. He takes from  his uncle’s son Sayyidil Awwalin wal Akhirin, Muhammad Mustafa. Beware!

Our Program

This is a sohbah. It is for waking up. When two believers come together, even there’s enough time to milk two cows, they should say marhaba, they should praise Shah Mardan. They should send salatu salam to the Nabi of End of Times; should glorify Allah, say “Bismillahir rahmanir rahim” and walk.  That’s our program. Who don’t obey, they are all rubbish. They are worthless.

Ya Shah Mardan

Ya Shah Mardan send us your help. Send Mahdi from your sons. Send us a Sultan. Send us a sultan to destroy the Sultanate of Shaytan. Ya Sayyidil Awwalin wal Akhirin, our Master for the honor of Shah Mardan. May he have permission. Damascus & East shall be saved. May all people be saved. May they live with honor. Now people have life without honor. May Allah not leave us without the honor of belief. Wa dhakkir, ooh Beloved, remind, fa inna dh- Dhikra tanfaul mu’minin. Everyday I say. It’s not the same everyday. It’s presented in a different way.

Honored Life

We say Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. Even if we said until the end of time, it doesn’t end. Say the Basmala, stand up in the morning. Wash your face & hands. Prostrate to your Lord. Open the door with Basmala. Everything flows. If not, the world won’t reach you. No benefit for you. It turns into a low life.

Honored life is the life starting with Basmala. Remember Shah Mardan,his (sas) uncle’s son. Send salatu salam to the Master of the universe. Step out with Basmala. Everything is serene. Otherwise trouble after trouble comes.

Ya Rabbi let us repent. Don’t send  us away from Your servant-hood. We are weak Ya Rabbi. Nobody listens to us. Send us the holy ones to listen to.

For the honor of The Beloved. Wa bi hurmatil Fatiha.

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