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Shah Mardan: The City of Knowledge By Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Qubrusi an-Naqshbandi

Shaykh Nazim’s Sohbet during Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin’s visit in Mar’13:

Translation: Marhaba O our glorious son! May you give Nur to Islam. May your Nur increase. Let us trade.  We need to trade. Let us say Marhaba. O Shah-e Mardan, marhaban. O beloved ones, O beloved friends of Shah-e Mardan, marhaba.  

How beautiful; Allah Almighty accepted the Fajr prayer from us. He (swt) made us get up and we prayed, shukur Allah. Allah is Who makes us to pray. Wa bi shukri tadumu ni’amm. With what the blessings continue? Wa bi shukri tadumu ni’am. Blessings continue with shukur. When one is not thankful, blessings don’t last. “La’in Shakartum La’azidannakum” (14:7). The conclusive and clear verse is in the Holy Quran.

Dastur Ya Rijal Allah.
Dastur Ya Shah-e Mardan.

We don’t know anything but these few beloved friends, the lovers of the Prophet (sas), the lovers of Shah-e Mardan Sayyidina Ali (ra)… We love our Prophet, the Master of the Creation. Shah-e Mardan is who is the Shah of this way, Hz Ali Ibn Abu Talib is Shah-e Mardan. Maydan-e Mardana, who is the Shah of the field of bravery, the field of men, the real brave man is only our Sayyidina Ali who is the Shah-e Mardan. Be careful about this.

The Maydan (field) belongs to Shah-e Mardan. AlHamdulillah. We have love for him. We hope at we have a nisbah (connection) with him. Shah-e Mardan… Shah-e Mardan, he is the son of the Beloved’s uncle. Shah-e Mardan, Sayyidina Ali Ibn Abi Talib. Oh foolish ones! When you wake up in the morning, your assembly should open with Shah-e Mardan.

The Most Honored After the Prophet (S)

Allahu Akbar.  Today is a new day. Yawm al-jadid, rizq al-jadid, Shaykh Muhammad Effendi. A lion came to our assembly today. Whatever they make us say with his barakah, we will say. It is not that we know and say these words, but the words open themselves. The honor of an assembly is according to the most honored one present there. The assembly of the Prophet (sas) is different.  The assembly of the Companions, or the Nur of Khulafa-ir Rashideen assemblies is different.  The assemblies of  Sahabas are different, it is according to their levels. And after them, every person depending on which Sahaba’s way he keeps and how strongly he keeps it, he also receives from that honor. For us now, the most honored one is Shah-e Mardan, after the Prophet alayhi Salatu was-Salam.

Although the order goes Abu Baqr as-Siddiq, Sayyidina Umar and Sayyidina Uthman but the Seal is with Sayyidina Ali. He is the Shah-e Mardan!

When Sayyidina Ali cried at the top of his voice, the walls of the castle of Khaibar collapsed.  With his majesty, with the power of his bravery, Sayyidina Ali drew his sword and hit once the Khaibar castle and the walls of the castle collapsed and a water came out from its place. And I passed from there and saw it, shukur Allah. That water still flows, in the middle of the desert. The sword of Shah-e Mardan touched and the water came out. The castle of Khaibar surrendered to the Lion of Allah, Shah-e Mardan, Hz Ali, Sayyidina Ali Ibn Abi Talib.

The Way of Those Who Are Valued

O Shah-e Mardan, I may speak on your behalf. You are who make me speak.

Who keep the way of Shah-e Mardan are those who are beloved to Shah-e Mardan. Who leave his way are the ones who are trash. They are trash, they have no value.

Shah-e Mardan; when we are also opening our assemblies, say, Shaykh Muhammad: O Shah-e Mardan! Send us your heavenly support. Let us say then; Shah-e Mardan said Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.

He drew his Dhul Fiqar with Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. The sword of Shah-e Mardan is double-edged. He is a dragon, if he hits with it, he can cut the earth into two! No doubt! Don’t doubt, he is the Shah-e Mardan, Sayyidina Ali Ibn Abu Talib.

Warning to Those Who Claim to be Alawi

O you who lie, claiming “We are Alawis”! You are not even anything close to him. Be true ones or the sword of Shah-e Mardan will make all your heads cut off and fall down. Shukur Allah that He (swt) gives our hearts the barakah, the love, the yearning for Shah-e Mardan and we are able to speak. If we speak till the Day of Judgement, it wouldn’t finish.

The Gate to Knowledge is Shah-e-Mardan

“What do you know?” I don’t know anything but our Prophet (sas) said: Ana Madinatul ‘ilm wa ‘Aliyyun babuha, Shah-e Mardan. “I am the city of knowledge. Every knowledge is with me. The knowledge of Heavens and earths is with me. I am that city. And the gate of that city is Sayyidina Ali.” And Ali is its gate”. One can’t enter inside without Hz Ali’s love. Subhan Allah. It means the time is near, Mahdi (as) will come from his pure line, that because it is near, this (inspiration) comes to me so strongly. I am nothing. “And Ali is its gate”. Shah-e Mardan has all kinds of knowledge. Ask from it, ask  from it.

La ilaha illa Allah hasni. Wa man dakhala hasni, amin min adhabi. The knowledge is coming is from Shah-e Mardan; Shah-e Mardan is the gate of the knowledge. The City of Knowledge is the Prophet.  Our Prophet, who is the Master of the Creation. The knowledge that comes from him… Allah Almighty (jj) says, La ilaha illa Allah hasni. La ilaha illa Allah is My castle. Wa man dakhala hasni, amin min adhabi. Be strong, speak like a man! Don’t look at who is around when you are speaking. Give the right of what you speak. Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, may your level be high. May the barakah of this grandson of mine be plenty, his father’s also. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. What a magnificence it dresses on people. It is coming from S. Ali.


O imitated Alawis, be careful!

It is said that when Shah-e Mardan mounts his horse he would not move at all. He would stand as still as a statue from steel. There was no one who could stand in his way. All liars who claim to be Alawis should beware! They should beware of Shah-e Mardan’s Dhul Fiqar. Dhul Fiqar was given to him, Dhul Fiqqar was given to Shah-e Mardan on the night of Mi’raj. If he hits with it from here, he can make the heads of the unbelievers in the West fall down in one swing. If he looks at the East and swings his Dhul Fiqar, the heads of all the imitated Alawis will fall down.

Beware! Don’t look at who speaks but look to who makes us speak. O Shah-e Mardan, may you accept us. May our souls, our lives be sacrificed for you O beloved Companion of the Master of the Creation and the son of his uncle. O Lion of Allah who stands in the Presence of Allah.  AsaduLlahu Ghalib, Ali Ibn Abu Talib. AsaduLlahu Ghalib, Ali Ibn Abu Talib. Masha Allah.

Show high respect for him, Shaykh Mehmed Effendi. Man ‘azza ‘uzza. Have you heard of this saying? Man ‘azza ‘uzza. When you show high respect for who is worthy of it, you also are respected. It is not showing respect for men that are of no value, it is showing respect for Shah-e Mardan. He (sas) was informed from the Divine Presence of Allah and he informed us about it also, he made him stand in the door. “I am the city of knowledge and in the gate is the son of my uncle, Ali Ibn Abu Talib, he stands there with his sword”. “O My Beloved” said Allah Almighty (jj). “You saw, inspected all these realms. You looked at all of them. This is the Night of Mi’raj. “Was there anything among them that dressed on you majesty?”

The angels are so magnificent like this, S. Mehmet Effendi. “O My Lord Who knows everything.
Nothing inspired awe in me among them” he said. “Meaning none of them dressed on me a magnificence, a majesty” he said. “That if there was something like this in them, I would feel its awe also. Only when You called this weak servant to Your Divine Presence, when You called Your servant to Your Presence I saw a lion at the door and I trembled inside from his glance” said the Prophet (sas). “Did you recognize who he was, O My Beloved, O Muhammad Mustafa! That one who stands at the door is AsaduLlahu Ghalib, Ali ibn Abu Talib. He is Ali, the son of your uncle” said Allah Almighty. Look at the majesty of our  Sayyidina Ali!

The Majesty of Awliya is from Ali ibn Abi Talib

All the Awliya, if they don’t receive a majesty from him, they can not be a Wali, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. A small drop reaches them. He is an ocean, if a drop from it comes on them, they look like a dragon!

O imitated Alawis! Pay attention to these words spoken. If you don’t pay attention, Dhul Fiqar will cut off your heads; can cut off 1000 heads in one swing. Can cut off 10 000 of you, in one swing. When he swings that Dhul Fiqar, he will destroy all the imitated Alawis. Beware! Beware! Fear from this! And glorify the Prophet, and know and glorify the Shah-e Mardan who is the son of his uncle.

Advice to Ahlus Sunnah wa-l Jama’at

Other Sahabas would collect themselves when S. Ali entered an assembly. The Prophet (sas) would welcome him standing up, would kiss him. They don’t write this in the books either. All Sahaba would stand up. AsaduLlahi Ghalib, Ali ibn Abu Talib!

O Ahlu Sunnah wa-l Jama’at! If you respect him less than this, it means there is doubt in your iman.

What those who do dabke call “love for Hz Ali” is all wrong, imitated! These things are not worthy of the glory of our Sayyidina Ali, Shah-e Mardan. If he hits with his sword once… When he was fighting  the battle of Khaibar, in one hit with his sword, he cut the head of the strongest man of that castle. The edge of his sword touched the ground and where it touched the ground a water came out pouring. A water come out. AlHamdulillah I passed through Khaibar and drank from that water of Shah-e Mardan too, with the permission of Allah!

Imam Mahdi (as) Comes Forth From Jordan

O Shah-e Mardan, we love you. O Shah-e Mardan, we are waiting for Mahdi (as) who will come from your pure line. The power and majesty of Mahdi (as) is also the same as S. Ali. He also belongs to the line of Shah-e Mardan, he also dressed his dress. Therefore Mahdi (as) will say “Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar”, Takbir when entering Sham. Mahdi (as) comes by the side of Jordan and enters into Sham; enters with Takbir. With one swing of his sword, the heads of all liars will fall down. Be  straight! Fastaqim! Allah Almighty said to the Prophet: “Kama’Umirta”. “Stand firm and straight as you are commanded”.

O Kings, O leaders, O chiefs! Islam is not a toy. The pure Shari’atu-l Muhammadiyya is not a toy. It requires high respect. If you show high respect for it, a power, a majesty comes to you from a place you never expected. If not…You hope, expect help from the unbelievers who have no tahara! You filled the country with weapons, this is fired into the air, this you throw into water”…If one of the holy ones commands wind, all of them break down and can’t move. Say,  Allah! Fastaqim Kama ‘Umirta.  Don’t play, don’t dance! They say Khidirellez, they say other things and dance together with women.  Don’t make religion as a game, or you will be taken and you can’t even tell where the sword came from.

As is East From the West

Beware O you, who claim and say “We are Alawis”! You are as far from being Alawi as the East is from the West. Keep quiet! We can’t even be like the dog waiting at his door. But we have a connection with him. Therefore beware. Do not slander me! If what you say reaches my Sultan, he will kick out all of you. I am a weak servant. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.

May You Be Beloved to Shah-e-Mardan

O Shah-e Mardan, marhaba!

O beloved ones! O beloved friends. May you be the ones who are beloved to Shah-e Mardan, who are his lovers and don’t fear. Don’t fear in dunya or in akhirah. No earthquakes, no floods, no snow storms, no hurricanes can reach you. You live all clean. They have no prayers, no worship, only dancing and fun. They do all kinds of dirty things and then ask “Why did this come to us?” May Allah forgive us. It comes from following your dirty ego. May Allah protect us from following our dirty ego. If a horse is going right and straight, does his master whip it? No. If a donkey is going the right way, carrying its load… All have the attribute of donkeys now, there is no Man left. All make their egos ride them. They make their egos ride them. Shaytan rides on their egos now and says “There is no one better than us, stronger than us”.

Ok, unbelievers may speak like this. But why do Muslims speak this way? Do the people in Syria, in Iraq, in Turkey, in Iran, say “we are the soldiers of Shah-e Mardan, we came for him”? Do they say this? No, they don’t. They drop bombs from air on people. Why do you drop bombs on people? You want to make Shah-e Mardan all angry, wrathful with you so that he cuts you off from your roots? For what do you strive? What did Sayyidina Ali say? Did he ever do what you are doing? Aren’t you ashamed to say “We are Alawi”? “O who keeps our way” says Shah-e Mardan. “You say the truth, you say the truth. You haven’t yet spoken one word from the 1000 words that should be spoken”.

Magnificence of Islam Will Appear

But it will appear; the magnificence of Islam will appear. Who will manifest the magnificence of Islam is Shah-e Mardan, Sayyidina Ali and (he) who is from his grandsons, Sahibu-l Zaman Mahdi (as). He will be like the wind. Which plane, which cannon, what can stand against it? Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. He doesn’t need bombs or cannons, all of them will fall down. Be aware of the magnificence of Islam. Know, acknowledge our Sayyidina Ali who is the Shah-e Mardan and who are dressed with this magnificence.

Keep his way and don’t fear. No hurricanes, no snow storms, no floods, no earthquakes can touch you. O Lord! What can we do? Today these words came from Shah-e Mardan. Who says it is wrong may not be able to survive tonight. There is also this: may he not survive tonight and they bury him in his grave. And if someone speaks ill of us, may his tongue be tied. We are a weak servant of Allah. We are delivering you what is given to us.

From the Men Who Are Only a Few on Earth

Today here there are from the men who are only a few on earth. There is the powerful one here that he is absorbing it like a hose; the one who is the Qutub, from the Ishraqiyyun.  There is Adnan Effendi, there is Shaykh Mehmed Effendi. They are full with power, they are full with magnificence. If they make them angry, their situation will be very bad.

O Shah-e Mardan! We are waiting for the Master to whom you will deliver the Dhul Fiqar. We are waiting for those days. May Sham open. May the tyrants who oppress the people finish each other. They will come! An army from the side of Sham will  come. And in it, there will be Mahdi (as). He will come and conquer. Wait for him!

Sayyida Zainab and Sayyida Ruqayya

You say “America will do this”… Let America and Russia watch over what will run through their legs before they do it! And especially the Iranians, they have so many claims. Let me see what they will do. What they ear will run through their legs! Sayyidina Zainab and Sayyidina Ruqayya are very angry with them! The Sahaba, the holy grand-daughters of our Prophet are very angry! Let us wait and see what will come on them. “Retreat!” she said. She said to the commander of the Iranian army “Retreat! There is no permission for you to enter here, neither for you nor for your soldiers. If you don’t retreat, you will see what I’ll do!” and he didn’t enter. She made them retreat. There are people  who know about this. There are holy ones among them. They don’t reveal themselves but do what  they are supposed to do. O Lord, don’t leave us in the hands of the dirty ego. May You not give any chance for shaytan’s deceits, traps, O Lord. We are Your weak servants O Lord. We love You, we love Your Beloved and want to keep Your ways. May You dress on us the dress of power, majesty, the dress of Islam. May You dress on us the dress of Sayyidina Ali’s soldiers O Lord. He will clean this dirty world.


Shah-e Mardan! Alfu Salat Alfu Salam ala Sayyidi-l Awwalin wa-l akhirin. Thumma ala Sayyidina Ali Ibn Abu Talib, RadiAllahu anhum wa KarramaLlahu wajhahu. I ask for their intercession. We spoke in  little tasteless way but they tolerate it. My heart is at peace, the beloved ones of Allah are present here. O Shah-e Mardan. He also laughed today. “Well said” he said. I said “What can we do? We are nothing but they don’t deserve better than this”. He said “Speak and don’t fear”. It is impossible to look at his (Shah-e-Mardan) face because of his majesty.

Aman Ya Rabbi! Aman Ya Rabbi.  Aman Ya Rabbi. Allah Allah.

Let us say “Allah Allah”, O people! O beloved friends, O beloved ones. Let us send Salam, say Marhaba to the Shah-e Mardan. May his love increase in our hearts. May we keep his way and our Lord and His Beloved be pleased with us.  Al-Fatiha.

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