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Mir Adnan Okhtar’s Royal Lineage to King David and Imam ‘Ali By Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin

Shaykh Baha al-Din, son of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim in the A9 Studio

Harun Yahya with Shaykh Baha al-Din, son of Shaykh Nazim in the A9 Studio

The venerable Mir Harun Yahya’s lineage is astonishing and a sign for the people to understand the relationship between the Ishmaelites and Israelites. He is an Adnani Qurayshite Hashemite Prince by blood from the Royal House of the King of Men Shah i-Mardan ‘Ali Ibn Abi Talib and from Imam ‘Ali also a descendant of David. What an astonishing discovery he made as a service to this generation by sharing this lineage. Can there be a bloodline greater than that of ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib? Mashallah, I am proud to say Mir Adnan Oktar is an honourable man respected by giants and all alike, and his achievements are a testimony of his royal lineage.  Here is some background on the merging of the line of King David in the maternal line of the Hashemites. In regards to the lineage shared, “the daughter of the Exilarch Hofnai married Asad ibn Hashim, the parents of Fatima, daughter of Asad ibn Hashim, who married ‘Abu Talib, the parents of HAZRAT ‘ALI IBN ABU TALIB, 4th KHALIF r. 655-66”. I think the venerable daughter of the Exilarch Hofnai mentioned was named Zahna.

The Royal House of Hashem and the Royal House of Judah

The Hashemites descend from the marriage of their Patriarch Hashem to Salma daughter of Amr, of the Bani an-Najjar. The origins of the Bani an-Najjar trace back to Palestine and Jerusalem. In his book ‘Constitutional Analysis of the Constitution of Madinah’, Shaykh ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir–ul–Qadri states the Bani an-Najjar, who are mentioned in line 31 of the Constitution of Medina, were a (non-Arab) Jewish tribe. Additionally, His Eminence the Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah’s English website includes the text of the treaty made between the Prophet Muhammad and the “Jews” of Medina, and refers to the Bani an-Najjar as “Jews” (non-Arabs). The treaty specifically distinguishes the Qurayshite believers from the Ansar who were not of the Qurayshite (Arab) lineage.

Other treaties between the Prophet with the followers of Judaism and Christianity specifically refer to the followers of Judaism and Christianity as Ahl al-Kitab, and not “Jews” and Israelites, demonstrating the Constitution of Medina was specifically for the ethnic group known as Jews, and not referring to the followers of the religion of Judaism.

The Bani an-Najjar community of “Jews” were nobles who were Jewish by ethnicity, not only faith, many of whom who like Aby Ayyub Ansari eventually embraced Islam after its advent, and even produced saints the likes of Husayn ibn Mansur al-Hallaj (maternal). As an ethnic community of Jews, they descended from the Royal House of Judah. Salma daughter of Amr of the Bani an-Najjar, wife of Hashem, the progenitor of the Royal House of Hashem, as a member of the Bani an-Najjar, also descended then from the Royal House of Judah. This bloodline from Salma and their father Hashem, makes the Hashemites in specific, unique among their Ishmaelite brethren in Arabia and the entire Middle East, as they are both Ishmaelite by paternal descent, and also Israelite through maternal descent, from the Royal House of Judah, from whom the Bani an-Najjar originally descend.

The uniting of these two illuminated bloodlines of the Ishmaelites and the Israelites through the House of Judah, in the progeny of Hashem and Salma, made Shaybah (‘Abd al-Muttalib) and his descendants unique among the Lords of Quraysh, and their natural leaders. The bloodline of Muhammad the Prophet became unique among the House of Hashem, firstly because of him, and also since it was the Prophet himself who revived the Ishmaelite Empire from Arabia, and became the most influential and successful Ishmaelite and leader in the history of the world.

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