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Researcher of Political Science & Classical Islam. Initiated by the Khwajagan i-Naqshband.

Sheikh Syed Afeefuddin Al-Jilani-May 22, 2013


Sheikh Syed Afeefuddin Al-Jilani, Shaykh Faisal Abdul Razzaq, and Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin at Shaykh Faraz Rabbani's Seekers Hub in Mississauga.

Born in Iraq, Sheikh Afeefuddin Al-Jilani is the 18th direct descendant of the famous Saint, Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani Al-Hassani, and is the 33rd direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad, salallahu alaihi wasallam. He is a leader of the Al-Qadriyah Spiritual Order and specializes in Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Shariah (Islamic Law) and Tasawwuf (Islamic Spirituality).

He is the Head of Darul Qadriyah International and the Chairman of Al-Wariseen Trust (Malaysia) and he regularly participates in many Humanity and Islamic seminars and conferences to share the message and beauty of Islam in the Middle East, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Sri Lanka, United States, Indonesia, and others.

One comment on “Sheikh Syed Afeefuddin Al-Jilani-May 22, 2013

  1. Mohammad Ahmad
    May 23, 2013

    MashaAllah, Sayyidi Al Shaykh Afeefuddin is a blessing to all of us, and his presence has so much barakah mashaAllah. May Allah keep him and his family in His keeping and bless him.

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