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Re: Ijazah to recite Nad e ‘Ali

Q. Does one need Ijazah to recite Nad e ‘Ali? Do you possess Ijazah to recite it?

A. a). My specific reference in my previous post regarding Nad e ‘Ali was regarding its recital as part of the daily awrad and wadhaif in the Shattariyya Tariqat, as documented by Shah Wali Allah Muhaddith ad-Dahlawi, with its silsilat tracing back to the earliest generation of the greats of the Most Distinguished Naqshbandi Tariqat.  For this, to recite the awrad of a silsilat, yes, in my opinion, one should possess Ijazah to recite it. However it is my opinion there is no need to ask permission to recite the Imaginary Call to ‘Ali (Nad e ‘Ali) in general for any human being given firstly that it is the established belief of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jam’ah that the Holy Prophet is Hadirun Nadirun (omnipresent) and the ahadith declare ‘Ali is from the Holy Prophet and the Holy Prophet is from ‘Ali, the Light of the Holy Prophet and that of ‘Ali is one (Nurin Wahid), and finally that after the Prophet, ‘Ali is the Mawla of all believers.

b). Yes, I received a formal “Ijazah” to recite Hizb al-Bahr and Dua e-Haydari.



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