Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin

Researcher of Political Science & Classical Islam. Initiated by the Khwajagan i-Naqshband.

Shaykh Nazim: “Mahdi’s (A.S) hand is still active in the occurring events, but he Mahdi (A.S) is not visible”

This year was Hajjul Akbar but they delayed it (to Saturday) because on Friday, the Saints were there on Arafat.  They did not want to have the public.

Mureed: MashaAllah! The beginning of the month of Muharram, is Saturday, the 29th?

Mureed: This month, the month of Dhul Hijja is 29 days.

Mawlana Says: So from next Saturday, it is correct then, that it is next Saturday. There are events & Allah (SWTA) knows best, what will happen. Therefore, if it is not necessary – do not travel or go around & about to Europe or America. The area is under siege you have to be attentive. Maybe a war will begin in the Middle East and the army from Banu Asfar will come to go to Amuq (Syria). The plain of Amuq, not the valley.

Mureed:  the valley of Amuq.

Mawlana Says : The plain of Amuq

Mureed.: O yes, plain of Amuq.

The war will take place & Allah (SWTA) will support Islam & will open the way up to Turkey up to Istanbul. From there will come the Sultan, who will go to Istanbul and Mahdi’s (A.S) hand is still active in the occurring events but he, Mahdi (A.S), is not visible. Maybe if the order comes in Rajab, before or after, Mahdi (A.S) will go to Istanbul. This means that the region now is on fire! It is on fire. An army from Sham will come to fight against Banu Asfar & the hand of Mahdi (A.S) is supporting them, but he is not visible.

I am not afraid, but cautious but I am being cautious about the event of the war of Armageddon. The time is very near, therefore in Muharram take caution. People they should not move around if it is not a necessity.  Everyone should stay where they are. “Adkhulu Masakinakum” (27:18) (Enter your dwellings).  This means do not go out. Keep yourselves in your homes. The home… who stays home is in safety & security. Who goes out of his home will perish, something will come on them.

Therefore, every person according to what is possible should keep in their homes stocks of (food). So they may not be needy, because also the grocery shops will be closed and they will have nothing, except the little of what is in their homes. If you buy what is enough for you for 20 days God willing it will last 40 days. Maybe if you buy something more, more than your needs you can give to the poor people who may come to you. You may give from this excess. Allah (SWTA) with His Power, His favors’ & Blessing, if you provided to the poor servants of Allah (SWTA). He (SWTA) will increase the provisions in your home without you realizing it. Astaghfirullah! You understand?

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim.. (dua)

May Allah (SWTA) bless who provided this food & those who are eating it may what we ate & drank give power to our bodies, light to our hearts & cure to our chests. For the Honour of the Prophet (SAW), his companions, our Shaykhs, Um Hiram, Hajja Amina S.& those who are following and the believers, Al Fatiha.

H.R.: These instructions are for everybody?

M: Of course. Of course, they are for everybody, especially for the Middle East.

Mureed: Tamam.

Because the time of Sahibul Zaman (Mahdi (AS) Imam Al Zaman, just arrived. Therefore no need to move outside country. It is possible to keep themselves. If anything happening come to your home make wudu/ablution make 2 rakaat, and then sit there. Nothing touching to you…Hamdulillah, barakat

Mureed : When is this?

M: Muharram, the whole of Muharram. Everywhere will be turned upside down!

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