Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin

Researcher of Political Science & Classical Islam. Initiated by the Khwajagan i-Naqshband.

The King of Ways: From Maktubat: The Letters of Khwaja Muhammed Masum ar-Rabbani First Volume, 72nd Letter

Mujaddid Alf Thani and Khwaja Masum's tomb in Sirhind, India with the names of the Holy Five written with the Kalima

“Attaining high spiritual grades requires a strong and affectionate attachment to the elites of Ahl as- Sunnat. A true devotee, owing to his affection towards the Murshid, receives the fayd coming from the Murshid’s heart. Gradually, he becomes like the Murshid.

In other Tarikats, there are mandatory practices such as dhikr, recitations from the Qur’an al-kerim at stated times, physical hardships and going into forty-day seclusions.  Strong attachment to the Murshid is not a condition. This Tarikat, however, is the way of the Ashab-e kiram. In this Order, ifada and istifada [receiving and giving fayd] takes place by way of reflection from heart to heart.

Attending the Murshid’s sohbet will do, provided that one shall observe the rules of good manners. Dhikr, recitations from the Qur’an al-kerim and doing pious deeds will be helpful.

Attending Rasulullah’s (saw) sohbet, only on the condition that they had Iman, submission  and obedience, was enough for the Ashab-e kiram to attain perfection. For this reason, the Naks-i’bendi path leads to perfection faster. In receiving fayd from the Perfect Guide, it does not make any difference whether a person is young or old or an infant or dead. Also the perfections given at the end in other Tarikats are given in the beginning in this Tarikat.

The riyazat to be performed in this way is to hold fast to the Sunnat-i-seniyya and to avoid bidats. Khwaja ‘Ubaid-ullah-i-Ahrar states, “The belief held by the disciples making progress in this path is the belief of Ahl as-Sunnat wal-jamaat. Their riyazat is to obey the Shariat. People who do not perform the worships will not receive any fayd. Nor will they make any progress. The end of this path is to forget about creatures and to attain permanently to the divine presence. This happiness cannot be attained without excessive affection and jazba. The most powerful vehicle that will make one attain this blessing is the Murshid’s sohbet.”

Man, a helpless being, is bogged down in worldly pleasures and the desires of the ego. He is unaware of the desires of heart and soul.

It is impossible to receive fayd from Allahu ta’ala without a connecter. Allahu ta’ala sends His fayd through Rasulullah. A Murshid-i-kamil (perfect guide), through his masters, receives the fayd continuously streaming out of Rasulullah’s blessed heart and scatters it around himself. What connects one’s heart to the Murshid’s heart is a strong affection, love one has for him. This love necessitates observing the rules of adab and adapting oneself to one’s Murshid in worships, habits and manners.

A person who wishes to attain love of Allahu ta’ala must be sincere.  He must wish only His love, find a Murshid who will make him attain Him, and attach himself to that Murshid. The bigger the number of people he is attached to, the farther will he get from unity in his wish, in knowledge and love and the more badly will he be deprived from the real Wahid (oneness). The farther he gets from kathrat (many-ness), the closer will he be to the real unity.” []

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