Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin

Researcher of Political Science & Classical Islam. Initiated by the Khwajagan i-Naqshband.

North American Freemasonry and Shrinedom’s Borrowing from Arab Mysticism Part II

From “The Original Tents of Kedar”, pp. 220-221:

“The Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of Mystic Shrine began exactly one hundred years before the opening of the Seventh Seal in 1970. Shriners…claim the Son-in-law and cousin of Noble Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al-Amin (aka Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, Amiyrul Mu ‘Miniyn Ali (Ali Ibn Abi Talib), the commander of the faithful, founded this secret society in 644 A.D.” (“The Paleman”, Dr. Malchi Z. York, New York: The Original Tents of Kedar, 1990, pp. 220-221.)

Shriner’s Traveling Card

The Shriner’s traveling card reads: “In the name of Allah, Merciful, and Compassionate. I desire to visit a Temple or Shrine in many cities. He is a good man, patient, cultural of sterling worth. There is no conqueror but Allah. Authorized with power by the Imperial Council Ancient Arabic Order Lodges of The Mystic Shrine. Witness the deputy and representative of temples in the East. Mohammed traveled from Mecca in the South to the North in Medina. Please Allah, we shall travel every where in safety. Small things influence great. Do not travel in the heat of the day. Travel with your eyes and ears open. By the grace if Allah, we have found repentance. Politeness is small solver. Action is power. Everything is from Allah. There is no deity, but Allah”. [The Pyramid: A horn of the Price Hall Family of Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine of North and South America and its Jurisdiction, Inc. (Fourth Quarter Vol. Number 52-Issue No. 196, 1993), p. 6.]

Heads of State and Government:

Hundreds of entertainers, professional athletes, diplomats, astronauts, captains of industry, military leaders, civic leaders, state governors, provincial premiers, and ordinary men have been Shriners. These include the rulers of many lands, including the last King of Hawai‘i, four Presidents of the United States of America, cuatro (four) Presidentes de los Estados Unidos Méxicanosa Prime Minister of Canada, and the Supreme Commander, Allied Powers (international occupation viceroy & proconsul), of the Empire of Japan, all of whom have been Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

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