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More on Freemasonry’s Borrowing from Arab Mysticism



There is a contemporary belief in (Freemason) Shrindom teachings that acknowledge that the ritual (the Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine) was compiled, arranged and issued at Aleppo, Saudi Arabia, by Louis Maracci, the great Latin Translator of Muhammad’s AI-Koran. In 1871 the ritual was brought to America by transient foreign members and representatives and placed in the hands of Dr. Walter M. Flemings 33rd degree, Sovereign Inspector General A and A. Rite, and Eminent Commander of Columbia Commandry No.1. Knights Templar of New York.

Dr. Fleming and eleven other members had complete sovereignty, Mecca Temple No.1, remained inactive until December, 1875, when W. J. Florence came from Europe bringing with him the Oriental Ritual of the order, as it was worked in foreign countries. 1876 W. J. Florence called together such of the original members of the organization of 1871 as were living and constituted in December 1876 Mecca Temple No.1 as head of the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (Caucasian Shrine Order) III America.

There is some belief that Caucasian Shriners do practice Islam in secrecy…


This exhibit shows a collection of Shriners caps, known as a fez, at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Tynnetta Muhammad, a scholar in the Nation of Islam, as headed by Minister Louis Farrakhan, she has an affinity toward numerology, esoteric, metaphysical science and her writings often reflect the philosophical insight of a Sufi Islamic Imam and/or an Eastern Religious Sage who had mastered the lessons in the, “Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece”.

Tynneta Muhammad stated that she visited the George Washington Masonic Memorial Museum in Alexandra, Virginia she stated: “On the sixth floor of the towering ten (10)-story edifices is the Shriner’s Temples and Hospitals as they are numbered throughout North America. In a glass showcase one may view a display of various Shriner’s fezzes adorned with Arabic names.”

She cotinues “Above these names is placed the emblem of a Crescent-like scimitar with a star, symbolizing their oath of secrecy … Within this room there are several portraits of at least four Presidents of the United States who were Shriners. There are also portraits of at least four Mexican Presidents and the last reigning Monarch of Hawaii. In the Imperial Throne Room, there is a mural on the walls depicting the gathering of Pilgrims in the Holy City of Mecca, Arabia. “Centered in the mural is a replica of the Kabah. Directly in front of this mural is a slightly elevated center platform around which are placed thirteen chairs. On the center table facing these chairs is placed a miniature copy of the Kabah and a copy of the Holy Qur ‘an. We learned in our investigations that the use of the Islamic symbols was introduced a little over one hundred years ago between 1876 and 1877. It is only after a Mason or Moslem Son attains the 32nd degree that he can be admitted as a shriner” 1


1. Tynnetta Muhammad, Beverly Muhammad, Nisa Islam Muhammad, Hakima Muhammad, Arealia X. Denby, Banetta X. Williams, Rashida Muhammad, Minion Man March: Women in Support of the Million Man March. (Chicago: FCN Publishing Company and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Educational Foundation, 1995), pp.21-22.

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