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Researcher of Political Science & Classical Islam. Initiated by the Khwajagan i-Naqshband.

Re:Re: Teacher of Imam al-Mahdi, “Shia” Mahdi Invented, and Yazid is one of the twelve imams

Q. Thank you for your reply, which seems more respectful and full of good thinking towards others, more than a specific answer.  I heard Mawlana Shaykh Nazim specifically refer to you as a Deputy, and a closer one to Mahdi (alaihi salam), as he did to others as well I am sure.  However, I am curious to know what your position is on those statements in specific.  Thank you.

A. i.) I personally do not believe that Mawlana Shaykh Nazim is the teacher of his own Imam, Saheb uz-Zaman (alaihi salam), but I am sure the author of Haqiqat ul-Haqqani did not speak without purpose when he said those things, if indeed he did.  His words are subject to interpretation, or were purposely uttered, as when he said what he did, there was no permission to speak about the twelfth imam openly, for the protection of the people and their faith, to protect them from disbelief.  Allah guides some through His Quran, and leads others astray by the same Quran.  However, things are different now, and we have permission to speak, for the protection of the people and to protect them from disbelief again.   

ii.) The “Shia” Mahdi is not invented, rather those who say such things are inventing ideas in their own minds, and speaking without knowledge and authority on that particular subject.  When Imam ul-Asr, Saheb uz-Zaman (alaihi salam) appears, the rulers of Arabia will claim he represents a “Shiite” uprising, and the ruler of Syria, who will be known as as-Sufyani, will send an army to cursh this “uprising”.  This will be the excuse to oppose Imam Mahdi, they will claim he is a Shiite, when he is actually the Proof of Allah, and beyond sects, as Mawlana said, and GrandShaykh taught.  You must be aware, and be prepared, when you hear of the “Shiite” uprising in Arabia, near Hajj, it will be the return of Imam Mahdi, and not a Shiite uprising.  All Awliya of Hijaz are already preparing for this, I have already met so many of them, all real Sufis are waiting for his return as well.  

iii.) Lastly, in regards to the issues of whether Yazid is one of the twelve imams, aodhu’billah!, the author worded the answer in a way so as to keep himself safe from Allah’s wrath, and Mawlana’s anger.  Ask him in a respectful way, what the correct position is about the Twelve Imams, not just the popular position.  The Twelve Imams for all Awliya, are the same as those whom the Shiites claim to be their Imams as well, not those referred to in the answer.  I have repeatedly clarified the correct position on the Twelve Imams with posts on this blog, please refer to them if you need to know their names in specific, and who held such beliefs from amongst the Naqshbandi elders, including the venerable Khwaja Muhammad Parsa, the biographer of Shah Baha al-Din Naqshband. 

It is my position that whoever believes those things literally, are in need to correct their positions. 

Wa minallahi tawfiq.

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