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On the Caliphate of Abu Bakr the Champion of Truth [as-Siddiq] from Al-Ghunya li-Talibi li-Tariq al-Haq

Excerpted from Al-Ghunya li-Talibi li-Tariq al-Haq Vol.1, Shaikh ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, translated by Muhtar Holland, p.256-259

“As for the Caliphate of Abu Bakr, the Champion of Truth [as-Siddiq] (may Allah be well pleased with him), it came about through the unanimous agreement of the Emigrants [Muhajirun] and the Helpers [Ansar].  The way it happened was as follows: When the earthly life of Allah’s Messenger (Allah bless him and give him peace) had come to an end, the spokesmen of the Helpers said: “[Let there now be] a leader [amir] from amongst ourselves, and a leader from among you [Emigrants].”

Then stood up ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be well pleased with him), saying: “O band of Helpers, surely you are well aware that the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) commanded Abu Bakr to lead [an ya’umma] the people [in prayer]?”They all said, “Yes, of course!” So he said: In that case, which of you considers himself fit to stand in front of Abu Bakr?” They all responded to his saying “May Allah protect us from presuming to stand in front of Abu Bakr!”

…This also happens to be the doctrine [madhab] of al-Hasan al-Basri and a significant group of experts in the tradition [ashab  as-hadith].  One piece of evidence to support their view is provided by Abu Huraria (may Allah be well pleased with him), according to whose report the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) once said:

When I was carried aloft on my Heavenly Ascension, I asked my Lord (Almighty and Glorious is He) to appoint ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib as Caliph after my lifetime.  But the angels said, “O Muhammad, Allah does whatever He wills.  The Caliph after you will be Abu Bakr.”

Source: Sufficient Provision for Seekers of the Path of Truth (Al-Ghunya li-Talibi li-Tariq al-Haq) Vol.1, Shaikh ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani.  Translated from the Arabic by Muhtar Holland.  Al-Baz Publishing, Inc. Houston, Texas. 1995. p.256-259

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