Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin

Researcher of Political Science & Classical Islam. Initiated by the Khwajagan i-Naqshband.

Seeking the best from your Lord by Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Qubrusi

Excerpted from Mercy Oceans Rising Sun by Sheikh Nazim Al-Qubrusi, p. 42-45

Everything must be pre-destined, but, as we are mankind, Allah Almighty’s most highly honoured creatures, we have been honoured, and tested with the granting of our personal will. We are not like other creatures, behaving strictly, according to instinct, but have been honoured with the ability to consciously decide what we will do: whether we will try to accord with what we know to be His command (which has been revealed to us through His Holy Books) or whether we try to rebel and go the destructive path.

As I said, we must always assume that our Lord has decreed the best for us, and we must never, therefore excuse ourselves, saying “God willed me to do evil.” We have our own personal will, and we must do our best with it, but whatever the case may be, we never escape our destiny, but move through it.

The train comes to a fork in the tracks, one track leads to Germany, and the other to Switzerland. The driver gives a signal as to which way he wants to go, and the switchman cooperates by putting him on whichever track he desires. That is an honour for us as human beings: that we are not animals to be tied and carried.

The best attitude is for us to say to our Lord: “Inspire me to do what is best”. For example, our brother offered to take me for a ride in these mountains. Since he knows these mountains best, I will not tell him where to go, but will trust him to take me the most scenic route with the loveliest panorama. I left my will to his, and he is taking me: and I trust that I should be pleased when I follow him. If I were to exercise my will and tell him where to go, I am sure that we would be lost very soon. He may ask me which of two scenic drives I prefer, and describe them, but he is not going to drive me over the cliff.

We are heavenly creatures, but tied to earth, and to know what our Lord desires of us we must develop wings. To know your Lord’s will you must cut yourself off from thoughts of this world, and if only for one minute, put yourself in the presence of your Lord, and ask Him to show you the right way to follow in any matter. He Almighty may show you a red or a green light, that you may know whether to stop or to proceed.

You must address your Lord: “Oh my Lord, You are powerful enough to do everything, while I am completely powerless. You know everything, and I know nothing. I am in doubt about such and such a matter facing me in my life. Oh my Lord, if it is good for me open up the way to it, and if it is harmful please keep it from me. And I am asking You, Oh my Lord, for a clear sigh to guide me in this matter.

But to do this you must be serious, and it must be a matter of real importance; then, you must be genuinely confounded and open to guidance. You must take a shower, and then go to a silent place where you won’t be disturbed, and ask your Lord for guidance. This is a method that anyone who is bewildered about his future course may use, and he should receive a clear signal in a dream or waking. There is only one condition: that you must not ask about anything that Is already quite clearly indicated. If you come to a street which says: “One Way” with an arrow pointing in the opposite direction, or a sign that says: “Dead End”, the signs are clear and there is no need to ask. There is no need to clarify what is already clear, but when you are confused ask you Lord and He will honour you with an answer.

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