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Regarding Inner Spiritual Authority Transmitted from the Prophet (S) By H.E Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani

“Look, I am not speaking from myself. I am always in contact with the Spiritual Power Center. The Prophet’s servant Anas Ibn Malik once said the following about his life with the Holy Prophet – and from his description you may know whether our methods resemble his, on whom be Peace, or whether we are following some other way. Anas reported: “I served the Messenger of Allah for ten years, and never once did I hear him object to any of my actions, saying ‘Do this’ when I hadn’t done something I should have done, or ‘Don’t do this’ or ‘Why did you do this?’ when I had done something wrong.”

Now do you understand, or not? This is proof that comes down to us from the Prophet; and just as that tradition is still intact that we may refer to it today, so also the inner spiritual authority passed down from the Prophet to our Grandsheikh and then to us remains intact. That spiritual authority for the guidance of people has come down to me, has been given to me. I am not such a person who appoints himself to be a guide for people – no, rather I have been given authority by those who have authority to give.

Our way is a way of authority and integrity, and a way that is safe for a seeker to follow. Because of the high rank that this Path holds among the various ways, the seeker who wishes to follow this path must abandon himself to the discretion, wisdom and understanding of the Sheikh. Our Grandsheikh often said to me: “O Nazim Effendi, don’t put my words and actions in a scale and weigh them. Don’t say ‘Why is that Sheikh saying such-and such or doing so-and-so’. If you are thinking and evaluating in such a manner you will never be able to derive any benefit at all from your teacher, and we will leave you on your way and go on ours. In order to follow us you must follow without judging or objecting. Only if you can follow in this manner may you come to know anything of our realities.

Why did Allah Almighty tell the story of Moses and Khidr in the Holy Qur’an? What does that story have to tell us about using our minds to judge that is beyond our understanding? What is our position when we think that we know so much whereas we actually know nothing?

Yes, that tale was told so that we might take wisdom from it, not just for amusement, for people to read and enjoy such an entertaining story. It is an undisputable fact that hidden wisdom may be found in the actions of Saints, even if those actions appear to contradict our idea of how things should be done. For your own good you must learn how you can acquire the attributes necessary to go with such people.

As far as the actions of your Sheikh are concerned, don’t try to weigh and evaluate them with your mind, even if you be the Prophet Moses! For if you be a Moses, someone else may be a Khidr, and so despite your station, he may be above you and may be able to teach you. Moses kept weighing Khidr’s actions (Peace be upon them both!) and Khidr kept saying: “Don’t confront me or object to anything I do until I explain its meaning to you.” Finally, when Moses found it too difficult to keep these instructions and objected to the actions of Khidr which were beyond his understanding, Khidr told him: “You will never be able to be patient with me – go on your way.”

So, all that the follower of a Sufi Path may do is to try and learn from the Sheikh’s way of dealing with people and from the Sheikh’s attributes in general. A follower can never fully understanding the meanings and implications of an authorized Sheikh’s actions. He cannot know what orders may be coming to the Sheikh from the Holy Prophet. He who has the guidance of the Holy Prophet has been given the wisdom and authority to catch people from the road of self-destruction and degradation and bring them to the Path of Eternal Happiness.

Source: Mercy Oceans: Pink Pearls, p. 44-48

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